A Pre-Solstice Conversation with My Greater Presence

IAM My Greater Presence today and everyday.  As it is, so it is.

Dear Friends, as you know, you are in an unprecedented time of change and transformation.  Everything you know of your self, your physical body, and your reality is in the process of transformation. There has been much confusion among many of you as your experiences of your realities are in such flux.  Many of you are experiencing the events in your world as being outside of your control, the ways in which you have always manifested and moved from one stage in your life to another seem to no longer work as they once did, and everything you previously believed to be true now seems to be open to reconsideration and scrutiny.

You are halfway through this transformational year of 2011, and the energies of change and transformation are increasing for your souls, your physical bodies, the mass consciousness, and the Earth.  Even though these first six months of 2011 have seemed to turn your world upside-down, we are here to tell you it is not over.  In fact, time, energies, and change are ever accelerating.

As your saying goes, it is time to “hold on to your hats!”

How will you experience this acceleration within every part of your existence?  How will you meet the challenges and transformations that will be part of your experience whether you wish them to be or not?

We wish you to know it is not our aim to invoke more fear within you.  There already is more fear within the very fabric of human consciousness and existence in this moment than has ever been experienced on this planet, and it is not our wish to add to it.  When you are in fear, you are disconnected from your divinity, from your guidance, from your path, and from the everyday blessings of your lives.

Instead, it is our wish to give you information; information that will shed light on the darkness of your fears and help thus to dispel them.  With this information, if it is your choice, you can move forward as a knowledgeable witness to what is occurring within your physical bodies, the events of your life and your world, and within the Earth herself.  As this knowledgeable witness, you will be able to pivot your perspective in order to have more choices in your experiences of your bodies and your world.

Life is not without challenge at this time in your evolution.  We believe, though, that with information on what is currently occurring and is to occur in your bodies, lives, and world, you will each be able to choose to meet these challenges as opportunities and flow with these energies rather than resisting and fighting against them.  For as always, that which you resist persists.

In order to be of assistance at this time, we are making a time available to you right before the Summer Solstice to be in conversation with us.  During this conversation, we will endeavor to give you as much information as we can concerning the current energies, the new energies that will be coming within the next three to six months, and how you can more easily ride the flow of these energies in your physical bodies and in your lives.

Everything is in change.  Everything is in flux.  That is the way of this transformational time, but does not have to represent hardship and sickness for you–unless that is your choice.

We are also making time available for individual questions from you whether of a personal or a global nature.  We wish to be of service in this way to as many of you as time allows.

So we invite you to be part of this conversation, because as consciousness and knowledge expands, light expands on the planet and throughout human consciousness.  To be a part of the change you wish to see in your lives and in the world, knowledge is one of your greatest assets.  We look forward to sharing light and knowledge with each one of you.

You are loved and supported unconditionally.

I AM My Greater Presence

A Pre-Solstice Conversation with My Greater Presence

Monday, June 20th

5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern/(June 21st 12:30 am GMT) 

Available by Phone and Webcast

The replay will be available immediately after the end of the call.

The Summer Solstice begins June 21st at 1:16pm EDT.

Cost:  $22.00

To Register, https://karenlaruemoye.com/Events.html

The Conversation with My Greater Presence will include:

  • The importance of the 2011 Summer Solstice and how to best utilize the energies it sets in motion for the next three months
  • Current and upcoming Earth energies and Earth changes and how they are/will be affecting all life on the planet
  • How to best deal with the physical symptoms arising from the current energies
  • Predictions for the second half of 2011
  • The importance of the 11 11 11

Special Bonus:  Your personal questions (asked either by phone or through the Q & A form on the webcast) will be answered.  My Greater Presence will also answer as many personal and/or global questions as time allows after the Conversation.

Replay Available

If you are unable to attend in person, there will be a Replay available as soon as the call ends.  And if you can’t attend, you can submit your question before the call on the Q & A form, and My Greater Presence will answer as many questions as time allows.

Please join us for this very special call.

My Greater Presence represents a streaming of knowledge, wisdom, and transformational tools from Karen LaRue Moye’s integrated Higher Self, Divine I AM Presence, and Soul Essence as well as her Angels and Spirit Guides who use one voice to represent All That She Is in this moment in time.

My Greater Presence has come forward at this time to be of assistance to those awakening to their own Greater Presence and spiritual path during this world-changing, transformational time.


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Implants, the New Moon, and Your Manifestation Potential

I AM My Greater Presence today and everyday.  As it is, so it is.

Dear Friends, today (June 1, 2011) marks both the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Many of you are familiar with making New Moon wishes during the three days the energy of the New Moon is at its strongest, and if you wish to do so in the usual way at this time, you may find more information on writing your New Moon intentions at www.janspiller.com.  This message, though, concerns the wider, two-week period between the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on June 1st and the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and the experiences that have led up to this period.

Physical and Emotional Challenges Over the Last Six Weeks

What have been your challenges over the last few weeks?  Where in your life have you experienced stagnation, confusion, fear, and a feeling that nothing is working out as you wish?  Where in your life have you been experiencing doubt?

The energies of the past four to six weeks have been extremely trying for many of you as your physical and vibrational bodies have been striving to encompass all of the subtle (and not so subtle) energetic changes within planet Earth and your own electromagnetic fields. These changes in energy and vibration are part of the reshaping of the human physical form and vibration so that you are able to hold greater and greater vibrations of light and love within your physical bodies.  These changes herald a quickening of the current evolutionary process human beings are experiencing, but they have been causing much distress in many of you–physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Symptoms of this quickening of the evolutionary process include great lethargy and the inability to think clearly and consistently, the lack of being able to take initiative, depression, a sense of hopelessness, self-doubt, the inability to manifest what you wish to manifest as well as the ability to quickly manifest that which you do not wish to manifest, and a sense of things just not being the way they should be.  Many of you are feeling off-center and out of kilter and don’t know how to re-center and balance yourselves once more.

An Implant Meant to Control You at this Time

The current energies of the Gemini New Moon and Solar Eclipse will begin to add clarity, energy, and more of a sense of purpose for you at this time.  These energies seek to remind you that where there is resistance, there is discomfort, and many of you have been experiencing resistance to the new energies firsthand.  There is no judgment for you in this resistance for the resistance was not undertaken consciously.  The resistance within your physical bodies to cellular and energetic changes were programmed into your subconscious eons ago by those who wished to keep you weak and out of your true power.  These beings foresaw a time such as this when human beings would evolve into higher vibrations, and they attempted to prevent this from occurring by implanting a governing switch within you that would become activated if and when your body’s cellular composition began to change and evolve in order to hold more light and higher vibrating energies.

The lethargy, self-doubt, and confusion many of you have been experiencing are the result of this implant, this internal governing switch having been thrown or activated within you during recent times.  What can you do about this so that you can return to an energized, vital, confident, and expectant individual?  It is suggested that if you resonate with this information, if you read these words and say, “Yes, I believe this implant is within me,” then you have the ability and the power to remove it once and for all.

The Implant is wrapped around the Pituitary Gland

Where does this implant lie?  It is positioned in the brain in front of and a bit below the pineal gland and wrapped around the pituitary gland.  The following diagram will help you to visualize its placement around the pituitary gland.

You may visualize this switch or implant such as a small metal ring which has encompassed the human pituitary gland during each physical incarnation for the last 10,000 years or so. While the energetic vibrations of planet Earth and humanity remained unexceptional, the implant lay dormant.  But, with the dawn of these higher-vibrating times in 2011, the clamp became activated and has been slowly clamping down on the energies of the pituitary gland–just like a metal ring being clamped closed.

Now that you are aware of this extraterrestrial implant which seeks to keep you powerless and controllable, you have the ability to remove/release it once and for all.

First, though, we wish you to check once more with your own guidance to see whether what we are telling you resonates with your truth, for if it does not, then we suggest that you discard this information and move on to the information concerning manifesting in the current energies.  If, on the other hand, it does resonate with your truth, we suggest you follow the following simple procedure.

Removing the Implant

  1. Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.  Sit comfortably and focus on breathing through your abdomen.  When you breathe in through your nose, allow your abdomen to expand, and when you breathe out through your mouth, allow your abdomen to contract.  Breathe in and out through your abdomen until you feel focused and calm within your body.
  2. Now, move your focus to your pituitary gland.  Visualize, perceive, imagine, or just pretend that you see, feel, are aware of your pituitary gland and the metal clamp around it.  Many of you may even have a metallic taste in your mouth as you focus on it.
  3. Ask it whether it now serves your highest good.  Listen, feel, sense a “yes” or “no” answer.  If you receive a “yes” answer, ask it if it is for your highest good for it to be left in place.  If you again receive a “yes,” then we suggest you leave it and ask again in a couple of days.
  4. If you receive a “no” answer when it is asked if it now serves your highest good, then ask it what it would like to change into or become at this time.  “Listen” for the answer.  What would it like to change into or become?  Light?  Love?  Un-manifest form?  A butterfly?  Whatever it would like to change into or become, allow it to do so, allow its energy to transform and change into something that no longer has control over you and your pituitary gland.
  5. Once you sense it has been released/changed/transformed, bathe your pituitary gland in love and light.
  6. Ask if the removal of the implant is now complete.  If you receive a “yes,” then thank your Soul, guides, and helpers for their assistance in removing this implant once and for all.  If you receive a “no,” then ask what else needs to be taken care of or seen to at this time and then follow the instructions.  When you are complete, give thanks.
  7. Once the implant/clamp has been removed, visualize or perceive however is perfect for you, energy flowing once more through your pituitary gland and invigorating your physical body and energy fields.

After removing the implant, be good to yourself.  Make sure you eat well and drink lots of pure, clean water.  It will take a little while for your physical system to be up and running with energy and vitality.  Take it slowly and listen to your body’s needs.

Two-Week Manifestation Period (June 1st – 15th, 2011)

Now that you have removed the implant, let us look at the energies that are here for you now.  You have an unprecedented opportunity from June 1st to 15th to look carefully at your life, your relationships, your contracts, and your abundance and decide what serves you and what does not.  You are now supported as never before in changing, transforming, and releasing those aspects of your self and your life that no longer serve you or are no longer what you wish to have manifested in your life.

We suggest you take a close look at your self and your life to see what areas bring you joy, happiness, contentment, and love as well as those that bring you frustration, unhappiness, and fear.  Take an honest look at where you feel frustration, unhappiness, and fear and ask yourself if these people, beliefs, events, and areas of your life serve your highest good at this time.

If they do serve your highest good for whatever reason, ask for guidance in how to make their impact on you and your life easier and more comfortable.  If you do not receive such guidance immediately, give yourself permission to have them be easier and then ask that you be shown ways to do so in the perfect timing and in the perfect ways.

If these people, events, beliefs, and areas of your life no longer serve your highest good, give yourself for permission to change, transform, and/or release them from your life.

Write a letter to your Greater Presence and the Universe listing your intentions on how you wish for your life to be in those areas that need assistance.  Write them out one by one. There is no limit to what you wish to change and manifest.  We strongly suggest, though, that you include how you wish to feel in each instance and allow for leeway in how what you desire “looks.”  In other words, leave room for the creative genius of the Universe to arrange events and to bless your life in ways you have never considered with your limited perspective.  At the bottom of your list, write these words:  “This or something better. Thank you!”

Now take your list and place it where you can easily get to it and read through your list daily.  And during each day, rather than thinking about what is not going as you wish it to go, think about how you will feel and experience life when you have manifested your wishes.  Change your thoughts and manifest your good.

Use this amazingly powerful time of manifestation and all of the love and support of your Greater Presence, your guides, and your angels to bring to you what you truly desire.

Remember you are loved and supported unconditionally.

I AM My Greater Presence.

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*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment or advice.

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For Lemurians, Atlanteans, and All Humanity

*   *  *  * Attention Lemurians and Atlanteans *  *  *  *

Wow, wow, wow!!!  As you have already heard, the first call in my new Webinar series, “Making Room for Abundance,” begins tomorrow night (Monday) at 5 pm Pacific Daylight/8 pm Eastern Daylight.  As I had originally planned it, tomorrow night’s call was going to be an amazing–filled with lots of great release around all the issues that can hold us back from fully embracing and living our Divine Right of Abundance.  But as usual, the Divine is upping the ante, and we’re being gifted in a most amazing way.

This information has just been given to me for you, so please read on and join me as we open our gates of abundance once more! https://karenlaruemoye.com/Events.html

The Council of 12:

“Dearest Ones,

We come to you this day for a momentous event has occurred that we wish to share with each one of you. This morning at 5:55 am Pacific Daylight time, a multidimensional rift opened between our world and your world whose impact will be felt throughout all of the multiverses.  This rift or worm hole has been closed for well over 10,000 of your Earth years, and it’s opening heralds infinite possibilities for life everywhere but especially for life on planet Earth.

What is this rift?  Why did it close in the first place? What is its significance for you now?

The Rift

Eons ago uncounted, when human life on Earth was still very much in the experimental stage, the Creator Gods opened a rift, a worm hole within time and space in order to birth all of the possibilities of humanity. This energetic opening allowed for probabilities for many different aspects of human evolution and enlightenment.  Through the energies of the rift, probable timelines and outcomes for human evolution and destruction were programmed into the planet Earth as well as within human cellular memory and structure. Over millions of years, many of these probabilities were played out.  Civilizations you have never heard of rose and fell.  Human life in various stages of physical, mental, and spiritual evolution was completely wiped out on three separate occasions throughout this time through cataclysmic Earth changes and well as at the hands of the original Creator Gods.

Finally, what you would term a “war in Heaven” occurred more than 10,000 years ago.  The war was between those Creator Gods who wished for humanity to continue to be puppets upon the stage of evolution and those who wished to allow humanity total free will to live or be destroyed according to their choices. In this war that where waters rose, the Earth’s axis shifted, and continents changed, those who wished for humanity to remain in their control were overthrown and relegated to a dimensional space where they could observe the continuing evolution of the Earth and humanity but from where they could not directly influence its course.

The winners closed the rift and allowed humanity free choice in their evolution.  As they watched humanity’s struggles over the millennia, many times they feared for your survival.  Once again, great civilizations rose and fell such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egypt.  Whether you were present during one, two, or all three of these civilizations or not, you have genetic memory of the triumphs of all that was gained as well as the grief and burdens of all that was lost which you carry within your subconscious.

These memories of great triumphs followed by ultimate disaster have bound many of you in a continuing cycle of fear of your own power and the inability to accept your Divine Right of Abundance due to feelings of unworthiness, distrust, and penance lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

Now, in this lifetime, you are being given the opportunity to break this cycle once and for all so that you can finally step into your personal power and abundance as never before-for yourselves, for humanity, and for the Earth.

What does the Opening of the Rift Mean for Humanity?

Now, through a special Divine compensation, the rift has been opened once more, and humanity has access to its energies and possibilities as never before, for now you have access with free will.  The energies of the Void–love, un-manifest form, and infinite possibilities-are being beamed to the Earth at this time and are available to all.

What this means for the Earth at this time is very complicated and will mean different things for different people.

The Void is that aspect of the Divine from which all thought, all manifestation originates, it is the creative force, the total blackness from which everything is birthed.  It is infinite possibility.  It is also infinite nothingness.  The Void is the creative feminine aspect at the core of all life that is pregnant with silence, darkness, nothingness, the building blocks of life, and infinite possibilities.

Early ascetics found the Void could induce madness when they lost their way within it and gave in to fear.  For many other spiritual seekers, it became the place of greatest fear, that place where they feared certain death if they should ever within themselves to that place of nothingness.  These fears were programmed into human cellular memory as a way of keeping the majority of you from accessing the true power you each have as creator gods.  Of course, there have also been those who pushed beyond their fears, found the stillness within themselves, and accessed the incredible bounty and creative and spiritual potential of the Void.

So now that the rift has once more been opened, and the Void will be easier to access than ever before, the heightened energies will bring different reactions and abilities:

For some, the fear will increase as they continue to fight and reject the divinity of their true natures.

Others will be able to heal and release much of what has been holding them back and keeping them stuck in places of powerlessness, so that they can claim, embrace, and live more and more from a balanced and loving state of personal power.

And still others will see this as the opening they have been waiting for to take more power and control in the world in an autocratic, unbalanced, and loveless way.  Since there is free will, there is no way to keep those who wish to control from attempting to do so.  There is hope here for the energies of the rift will increase the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, and those who seek to control and hurt others will face more resistance and quicker retribution than ever before.

You are Not Alone

We wish to remind each one of you that you have more help from Heaven and Earth than at any other time in the history of humanity upon this planet.  We are here to assist you in any ways that you are willing to allow us.  You have free will, but as the beings that love and support you unconditionally, the Ascended and Celestial Realms are here to offer you all the assistance you can imagine and more.

And one way that we, the Council of 12, can be of assistance is through the Webinars that will take place the next four Monday nights beginning tomorrow, May 16th.

Making Room for Abundance-Lemuria, Parts 1 and 2
Monday, May 16th and May 23rd at 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time
$22.00 per call

Due to the multidimensional physical and spiritual splits those of you who were present in Lemuria suffered when the continent was swallowed by the sea, and the subsequent grief and self-blame you have endured, many of you renounced your Divine Right of Abundance in order to be poor, spiritual nomads-always striving to make up for what you believed to be your role in the cataclysm.

We are here to tell you there is nothing you could have done to prevent the sinking of Lemuria.  It is time, with the new energies emerging from the rift, to shed your grief, your self-blame, and your penance once and for all in order to move forward in self-love, self-acceptance, and the claiming of your divine birthright of abundance.

During these two calls, we will bring you key energy transmissions as well as our energetic support to assist you in releasing the Lemurian aspect so that you can “make room” to receive your true abundance.

Making Room for Abundance-Atlantis, Parts 1 and 2
Monday, May 30th and June 6th at 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time
$22.00 per call

Then, on the last two calls, we will help you to come to terms with and release the energies of misuse of power/powerlessness, abundance/lack that typified the civilization of Atlantis.  Whether your role in Atlantis was personified by misuse of power and great abundance or powerlessness and lack, you are carrying energies that prevent you from stepping into your truth, power, and abundance in a balanced and loving way.

During these two calls, we will once more bring you key energy transmissions as well as our energetic support to assist you releasing everything from your experiences in Atlantis that is holding you back.

More on the Atlantis calls will be forthcoming, but first we must release and integrate the energies from Lemuria.

Last Minute

We realize we are bringing you this information at the last minute, but know that we knew there was a possibility the rift would be opened at some point but were given no warning as to the actual timing.

It is greatly beneficial that we are able to get this information out through the power of the internet at this time.  And know that if you are unable to be present on the May 16th call, you will still receive all of the energies, energy transmissions, and support for release on the replay.

We encourage you to join us.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

The Council of 12″

Please go here to register:   https://karenlaruemoye.com/Events.html

If you have any questions, please email me at info@karenlaruemoye.com.

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The Heavy Weight of the Unknown

I AM Karen LaRue Moye.  I AM My Greater Presence today and every day.

You have read and heard much concerning the energies of this year of 2011–how your intuitive/psychic abilities will be enhanced as never before; that you are in the process of building the New Earth; and that there is currently support for all of your dreams and desires to be made manifest this year.  And all of this is true.  Much is being built in multidimensional spaces regarding the New Earth; you are using more of your extrasensory perceptions than at any other time and this will only continue; and your abilities to manifest are greater and more supported than ever before.

And yet.

The reality for most of you is that you live in a world filled with chaos, stress, unease, and fear.  Your anxiety levels are extremely high, and whether you realize it or not, you live in a perpetual state of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

For some of you, the greatest cause of your anxiety centers around Earth changes and aberrant weather patterns.  Where and when will the next earthquake or tsunami strike?  Am I in the path of the next tornado or flood, damaging winds and hail?  The natural world appears to have gone mad with some areas of the United States and other countries of the world barely being able to dig themselves out of one natural disaster before another one hits.

Then for those who for the moment are living in areas that have escaped the extreme forces of natural, there are the worries and anxieties around the possibilities or realities of job layoffs and unemployment, real estate foreclosures, pay cuts, and the continuing rise of the cost of food and fuel.

For still others, health issues are taking precedence in their lives as they or family members, friends, and neighbors appear to be hit in an unprecedented way with cancer, illness, and early transitions.  Many relationships are strained to the breaking point.

It is realized that this is just one side of the coin, for there are also  others who are feeling more self-empowered, more in the flow of the Universe, more successful and healthy than ever before.  No matter what is happening in the world, there will always be those who have exorcised their demons, and who embrace their connection with All That Is and personify their unique completeness now, in this moment in time, while in human form.

From this perspective, though, this state of being is not the norm at this time.  What is the norm is that the heavy weight of the unknown is causing added stress and anxiety, lost sleep, and much confusion for many.  The heavy weight of the unknown is causing suffering for far too many during this time of chaos and transition.  Within the mass consciousness, there is a holding of the proverbial breath as humanity waits for the next shoe to fall.

You are Supported Always

The time is now to remind you that you never have been and never will be alone.  You are always supported by your Greater Presence, your Completeness, as well as by numbers uncounted of guides and celestial beings who have your back as never before.  This is a time of testing, and you are to be reminded that you cannot fail–no matter what befalls you, it is impossible for you to fail.  The perspective of the Creator and of your Soul is so much more than your human perspective, and from their perspective, there is no failure.

Human beings are so hard on yourselves.  You live from a place of would’a, could’a, should’a.  In truth, there are no would’a, could’a, should’a’s, there is only this moment in time, and the choices that you make in this moment.  You may look back on this time and think, “If only I had gone right instead of left; I wouldn’t be in this mess.”  In actuality, whether you take the path to the right or to the left or choose to keep moving straight, you will reach the destination you seek.  The scenery may be different along the way, but you will reach your destination either way for there is no failure.

Why are you being reminded of this?  Because the weight of the unknown is heavy for you at this time, and it need not be.

You are Powerful Enough to Change Your Vibration/Your Reality

From wherever you are in this moment–whether in the middle of or on the edge of a natural disaster, or you or a loved one has an extremely serious health issue, or you have lost/could lose your job or house, or even if you are moving through life without a major life challenge but wondering when or if it will be your turn–take a moment to remember that the very essence of you is love and that you are infinite.

This is just one moment in an infinite number of moments.  And in this moment, you have power.  Whether you feel powerful or not, you are.  You have the power to affect how this moment will create your next moment and your next and your next.  You have the power to create miracles in the midst of adversity.  You have the power to create new life from destruction.  You have the power create a totally new, more loving, better-feeling, more expectant moment for your next moment.

You may shout in frustration–“When I am in the midst of fear, of heartbreak, of exhaustion, of destruction and calamity, how do I create a new, better-feeling moment filled with expectation?”  It is a very good question, and the answer is that although it is not necessarily easy to do so, it is do-able.

When you are in the midst of fear, hopelessness, or anxiety, you have two choices:  You can choose to sink into further into the fear, hopelessness, and anxiety and perpetuate these lower-vibrating energies, or you can choose to raise your vibration a little at a time to a place of expectancy, a place of anticipation, a place that allows the energies to brighten.

How?  There are an infinite number of ways to raise your vibration.  Here are but a few:  Sing, dance to a favorite tune, move and exercise your body, look for the things in your life to be grateful for no matter how small, look for the miracles happening around you, count your blessings, hug a loved one, pet a furry friend, figure out one thing you can do differently that will make your life brighter and do it.

Start from where you are, acknowledge where you are, and then find one thing that will change your current vibration for the better and do it.  Action, no matter how small, moves you from Point A to Point B.  But choose your action for its ability to add positive expectation and anticipation to your life rather than to create more of what you already have.

You are Surrounded by Miracles

Even when it seems as though you have lost or are about to lose everything, there are blessings involved.  Energetic cleansing comes in a myriad of faces and forms, and each brings blessings and miracles if you have open eyes to see them and an open heart and mind to embrace them.

You are surrounded by miracles large and small every day.  Begin to take more notice of them and you’ll find that as you do, more and more will appear.

It is not the aim of this message to make light of what you are currently experiencing–just the opposite.  The aim is to help you acknowledge where you are and to take your hand and show you that if you change your perspective, even a little bit, your experience of this now moment will change for the better.  And for that place, you are able to create more and more new moments filled with love, laughter, joy, and the ability to float effortlessly within Universal flow.

An audio has been prepared for you to assist you in releasing any energies you currently may be experiencing around the Fear of the Unknown and the Fear of the Unexpected.  You are encouraged to listen to it, echo it’s words, and release these energies which come as much from outside of you as inside and that are holding you in a state of lower-vibrating energy.  Each time you listen and echo these words, new aspects of these fears are released not only from you and your genetic line, but also from the Earth and all of humanity.  And after the release, you are left with a lighter aspect of being that will more readily look with positive expectation and anticipation to all of the higher-vibrating emotions and events you can and will create in your life.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

I AM My Greater Presence

Karen LaRue Moye

Personification of Completeness–Fear of the Unknown/Fear of the Unexpected

(Running time:  6:39)

Announcing . . . 

Making Room for Abundance, A Series of Four Phone/Webcast Calls to            Increase the Flow of Abundance in Your Life

Mondays on May 16th, 23rd, 30th, and June 6th

5:00 pm Pacific Daylight/8:00 pm Eastern Daylight

For More Information, visit https://www.karenlaruemoye.com/Events.html

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Personification of Completeness–A Gift for You

I AM Karen LaRue Moye. I AM My Greater Presence today and every day.

Here Those Issues Come Again!

Have you ever wondered why it seems the issues, emotional wounds, and invalid beliefs you have worked on and worked on from every possible angle keep coming up bigger and more painful than ever?

You’ve diligently done your work for years—read the books, worked with healers, and listened to recordings–yet you still aren’t attracting the abundance, an attractive, healthy body, the perfect soul-mate relationship, and the life of peace and love that you desire.

Why does it seem impossible to get past all the old hurts, abuse, and self-sabotage so you can move forward with grace, ease, abundance, and love?

Have you asked yourself, “What am I doing wrong?  Why can’t I get past this?  When is my life going to change for the better?”

It is time for you to know you haven’t done anything wrong.  You haven’t failed.  You truly have gotten past so much.  Your life is getting better—one moment at a time.

The important thing to know and remember while living an incarnate life on planet Earth at this time is this:  What you are dealing with every day is bigger than just you.  It is so, so much bigger.  Before, when you would release or integrate an old wound or invalid belief, you were doing it for you, for your greater good, for your well-being.  You integrated and released from this lifetime and from other lifetimes and some of you even released for your generational lines.  You released and integrated what was yours and even some of what had been imprinted upon you.  You were valiant; you worked hard; and you saw results.  Maybe not as many results as you would have liked, but you still saw results and felt you were making headway.

You may ask, “If that is true, why does it seem that all the old issues, all the old hurts and issues are in my face bigger than ever?”  To assist you in understanding, let us look at it like this:  Let us say that the issue that is presenting itself really big in your life right now is around the Fear of Failure.

The fear of failure is an old issue you have worked on by yourself and with others, and you thought you had moved past it once and for all.  Now, though, you have the opportunity to really shine your light in the world, and suddenly, you are almost paralyzed into inaction by the fear/belief you will fail.  You are so afraid you will fail; you do not even try.  Sound familiar?

Now you sit around beating yourself up for being in this paralyzed state and wondering how, after all of the work you have done on this issue, it can still have the ability to keep you completely stuck and unable to move forward in meeting your goals.  You feel you must have done something wrong.

You are Clearing for So Much More than Just You!

In truth, you did release the majority of this issue from your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.  You did excellent work on it.  From this perspective, you released all but 15 to 20% of the invalid beliefs, wounds, and patterns around the fear of failure, but it is 100% in your face.  Why?  Because the fear of failure that is being held within the mass consciousness and within the Earth from eons of humanity is making up the other 80 to 85% of the fear of failure within your physical body and energy field.  So together you, the mass consciousness, and the Earth share enough fear of failure to make up a whopping 100% of this energy in your face right now.

How did you get so lucky as to be having this experience?  Somewhere along the way on a soul level, you agreed to help humanity and the Earth to release these old fears and thought forms once and for all.  So, whatever it is that you have worked on and worked on that is currently in your life bigger than ever, it is part of your contract for your part in the healing of humanity and the Earth.

Now, doesn’t it feel a little better to know it isn’t all about you and you haven’t failed?  In fact, these old issues are so prevalent in your life because you did such a great job in releasing them from you that you are now able to help release your part of it for humanity and the Earth.  This may not be the thanks you were hoping for, but it does show how beautifully you have progressed to helping to release all of these old patterns, wounds, and beliefs on a global energetic level.  Well done, you!

The Personification of Completeness

So how do you release these old patterns of thought and being once and for all on as many levels as possible?  One way is with the Personification of Completeness (P of C).  This cutting-edge, Spirit-gifted Energy Medicine technique uses the power of words to release issues once and for all from

  • Your mind, body, and emotions;
  • Your father’s and mother’s generational lines going back to the generational source of the issue  (this includes both biological and adoptive generational lines);
  • Your human cellular memory and DNA;
  • The negative charges and imprints in all thoughts and emotions from this lifetime or any other;
  • Your part of the energy held within the mass consciousness;
  • And last, but definitely not least, your part of the energy held within the vibrations of the Earth

The current version of the P of C was gifted to Karen in her dream state early Wednesday morning April 20th when it was made clear to her that the power of this technique lies in the incredible power of the spoken word, the ability to stay present with the process, and the ability of the person using the technique to take responsibility for their part of whatever issues they are releasing.

The Earth is no longer in a time when human beings can avoid taking responsibility for their thoughts, their actions, and their creations.  Beliefs, thought forms, abusive actions, inauthentic ways of being in the world—all of these are creations—and once something has been created, it can never be un-created.  But it can be made harmless and returned to un-manifest form within the void in order to be used in a new creation of light, love, and assistance to humankind and planet Earth.

The Personification of Completeness is a gift from the Greater Presence and divinity of Karen LaRue Moye to the world during this incredible time of transition.  It is an ever-evolving technique that will continue to change, grow, and become even more powerful as the energies on the planet and within humanity are able to support each higher vibration.

Realize that many of you reading these words also will be bringing new information, new techniques, new music, new forms of art and science, and new ways of being onto the planet in the weeks, months, and years to come.  As each of you has the courage to express fully your unique flavor of your Greater Presence and divinity, you will be led to bring in your piece of the New Earth.  Each of you is loved and supported beyond measure for the role you will play whether it is on an intimate level within your own family and community or on a more statewide, countrywide, or global level.  However you wish to express your unique gifts and abilities, you are blessed.

Try the Personification of Completeness for Yourself

Here is a gift for each of you.  Two different audios using the P of C are given below to give you a taste of this wonderful new technique.  The first gives a little more explanation of P of C as well as the P of C process for releasing the Fear of Change within you, and the second deals with the issues around the Energy of Lack in your life.

As has been stated, this process is ever-changing, so if you wish to use the latest version to P of C (as of Sunday, April 24th), any place where you are asked to repeat the phrase, “and all is light,” it is suggested that you replace the phrase with “and all is love.”  When you are reminded that all is love, all is created from love and all returns to love, you are within the void where un-manifest forms, the building blocks of all creation reside.

Personification of Completeness–Fear of Change

(running time 15:12)

Personification of Completion–Issues around Lack

(running time 10:53)

I AM My Greater Presence

For more information on Personification of Completeness, to hear other free audios, and to schedule a P of C session with Karen, visit www.karenlaruemoye.com.

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Karen LaRue Moye claims Universal copyright for all material included in this blog.  It may be shared as long as credit is given.

*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment.

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Introducing the Personification of Completeness

Hello Everyone,

Here’s a bit more information on my new energy release and integration technique that I’m calling Personification of Completion.

First, a little background:  About two weeks ago, I was having a lot of discomfort/pressure in my chest as well as difficulty in catching my breath/getting out of breath easily.  I hadn’t been to a doctor in almost two years, but my symptoms were bothersome enough that I decided to have a checkup.

So on Tuesday, April 4th, I saw my doctor, and she insisted I have an EKG (my first).  It showed an abnormality in the T-wave which she wanted a cardiologist to look at, but it was the end of the day, and the specialist had already gone home.  She asked another doctor at the clinic for a second opinion, and he said to send me to the Emergency Room for a full workup.  Since I don’t have medical insurance, a trip to the ER certainly wasn’t my first choice, but she was insistent, so I got my three girls home and with dinner and then drove myself to the ER.

It’s a strange comment, but it was a very heart-warming experience.  The ER was empty except for one other patient, and everyone on the staff was extremely pleasant, helpful, and efficient.  After another EKG, a lung X-Ray, and blood work, the ER doc said that he believed my abnormal T-wave was my unique heart signature, and that I was suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the chest) as well as an inflammation in the cartilage of my upper chest.  He gave me a regimen to follow and sent me home.

Since then, Katie Todd, a wonderful energy healer, has helped me to release a lot of fear I was holding in my chest that was not even my fear—it was my mother’s fear–my mother’s fear of my being a success in the world as well as her grief for what she considers the missed opportunities of her own life.

Now when I think of the experience, I laugh to myself and remember the line from the animated cartoon, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, which goes something like, “and the Grinch’s heart grew 10 times bigger that day.”  Although I’ve never considered myself a Grinch, I do feel as though my heart has expanded exponentially over the past couple of months (especially since the Lemurian Webinar I hosted in March), and that my physical body just hasn’t been able to keep up.

What I feel is a direct result of my heart expansion came on the Saturday, the 9th of April when I woke up with the a new technique for releasing invalid beliefs, thought forms, family patterns, and fears that I’m currently calling the Personification of Completion.  It is a combination of Ask and Receive (www.askandreceive.org), Ann Taylor’s work (www.innerhealing.com), and the wisdom of Panache Desai (www.panachedesai.com) mixed with a big dash of Karen LaRue Moye.

I introduced my Lemurian Webinar participants to Personification of Completion (P of C) on Sunday, the 10th of April, and it worked wonderfully in helping them to release the energetic charge on the issues of Judgment and Self-Trust—especially releasing the power of these issues from their generational lineages on both sides.

As a side note, I have an interest in numerology and always check the numerical energy around any phrase or name that I adopt.  I have an easy source for this, a website www.sun-angel.com where you can get a free numerological birth date reading and name/phrase reading.  I consider P of C’s date of birth to be April 10, 2011 since that was the first day it was birthed directly into my work with people.  The number in numerology you get from a date of birth is called the Life Path Destiny Number, and for P of C, that number is a 9:

You contain all of the qualities of the humanitarian. Patient, wise and compassionate, you love in a way that can choose no favorites. You are here to love and to serve all equally and without prejudice. Others are drawn to you as a role model and it is your responsibility in life to be the embodiment of integrity, wisdom and inspiration. You are attracted to the fine arts and philosophy and you seem to have a direct line to higher wisdom. You will always receive all that you need. It is important that you focus your attention on service.

Then I checked the numerology of the most important phrase in P of C which is:  “I personify my unique completeness now.”  I found the numerology to be amazing:

Soul Urge: 90 / 9 


Your Soul Urge – The Song of Your Soul – A Deeper Look Into What Motivates You
Like the number 6 soul urge, your life revolves around giving and receiving love. Your desire, however, includes the whole of humanity and a few races besides. Compassion, passion and forgiveness make up your essence and you are very generous and impressionable. The fine arts call out to you and you may in fact have a master artist living inside of you.

Personality: 81 / 9 


Your Personality – The Impression You Make upon the World
People seem to be drawn to you for absolution. You emanate forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Your charming and generous personality brings you love and good luck in abundance. Many people will be attracted to you because of your idealistic and romantic nature. Others will be transformed by your example.

Expression: 171 / 9 

Your Expression – Character, Talents and Identity – Your Unique Quality of Consciousness
You have a vision of a perfect world. Forgiveness, Love and altruism are the path you walk. You are the idealist, and you do everything in your power to live up to your ideals in order to be a good example for others to follow. Inside, you know that you will be imitated, so you are extremely aware of your every “imperfection”.  Letting go of people and places when you have fulfilled your role with them is an important lesson for you. There are many that need to be touched by your wisdom.

The Philosophy of the Personification of Completion

It is amazing to me (and not just a fluke) that all of the numbers and energies around the P of C are 9—those of completion and world service.  And that is exactly my intention and desire for this work that it reminds the people who use it that they are already complete in this moment, and it is my greatest wish personally to be of service to as many people as possible and to the planet.

We are already complete; we have just forgotten.  We have spent this lifetime and others acquiring masks and blinders of invalid beliefs, thoughts, patterns from family, society, and religion, and fears that have nothing to do with our Spirit, who we truly are.  We have accepted these false identities as who we truly are even though there is a part of each one of us that remembers we are so much more.

So it is my philosophy of healing that it is high-time we remember we are already complete and that we embody/personify that completeness now, in this moment, within our physical bodies.  It is time we release all that keeps us stuck or in an endless maze of self-sabotage and awaken to the fact that our Soul, our Spirit, our God-Self—whatever you wish to call it—has never been and never will be hurt, wounded, made less than, or in any way impacted by anything we have experienced or will experience while in incarnation.  Our true essence does not know abuse, fear, hurt, pain, suffering, separation, hatred, or lack of love.  Our true essence knows only completion, knows only love.

That is the purpose of P of C—to remind our minds, bodies, and emotions of that truth—that we are complete, that we are love—now and always.  And it works and works beautifully, through the power of words, words you repeat after me as well as words I say to release invalid energies from your thoughts, your memories, your DNA, your cellular memory, any imprints you may have experienced from others, as well as from your patriarchal and matriarchal lineages back 10 or more generations to the source of the wound within your generational line.  All of this is released through the power of words and intention.  And it is my honor and privilege to introduce it to each of you and to the world.

I will be recording examples of P of C that I will be placing on my website and within this blog over the next week or so that you can use now to help you release certain invalid beliefs easily and completely.  I will also be using the technique in both individual and group (through webinars) energy integration sessions.

It is a process that will change and evolve as I (and the energies and the vibrations of the world) change and evolve.  Nothing is cast in stone any longer.  Everything must be fluid because we are in the midst of the greatest changes humanity has ever known.

If you are interested in learning more about the Personification of Completeness, I invite you to schedule an individual session with me or join me in one of my upcoming Webinars.  The Ignite Your Light Webinar Series participants will experience three to four hours worth of this invaluable release system, and it will also be offered within future Webinars dealing with prosperity issues, vibrational illness, weight loss, and other pertinent issues.

It is an incredibly exciting time.  There are many, many new ways of working with energy that have recently come onto the planet and will be coming as gifts to us in the weeks, months, and years to come.  It is my heartfelt pleasure to be able to be even a small part of this.

In service with love and light,


A few things people are saying about their experiences with Personification of Completeness:

“It felt as though old energies just fell away.”   — V.R.

“Wanted to let you know I actually woke up happy this a.m.  That may not sound like a big deal, but as I reflected on that, there has not been many times that I woke up happy–energized, motivated, excited, and other emotions–but rarely happy.”  — B.D.

“Our thoughts go into our electromagnetic field then are held in the earth’s emotional/mental body. I felt all the thoughts of my lineage & past/current life being cleared from the earth’s grid lines much like the other zip lines I saw in this clearing process. After a couple hour nap Monday afternoon, all the residual was cleared & released. I have noticed that a lot of the endless mind chatter I hear (also stream of consciousness) is gone. . . . I am accepting of my gifts of being a triple empath and also of having motion to hearing synesthesia. I own that I’m an energy savant J (one with detailed knowledge in a specific field). More puzzle pieces keep falling into place and I’m sooo grateful to you for being a catalyst for that.”  —  S.O.

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If you are interested in an Empowerment Reading, a One Email Question, or an Energy Integration session with Karen, you can schedule these on-line by visiting her website atwww.karenlaruemoye.com and clicking on the Appointments/Payments page.

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*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment or advice.

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Breaking News on The Ignite Your Light Webinar Series

I AM Karen LaRue Moye.  I AM My Greater Presence today and every day.  As it is; so it is.

I’ll be back on Thursday with a regular post for you.  In the meantime, I have a very exciting announcement:

I am so excited about the transformations I have undergone over the last week, and the incredibly positive impact they are having on my work.

Just a week ago, I was in the Emergency Room having an EKG and lung X-Ray to determine why I was experiencing chest tightness and pain.  I’m fine, just a touch of pleurisy, but I believe what was really going on is that my energetic heart has expanded exponentially in the last few months, and my physical body just hasn’t been keeping up.

Then, on Saturday morning, I woke up with a whole new consciousness concerning my work in the world along with a brand new, cutting-edge technique to release limiting beliefs and patterns from your thoughts, your DNA, and your entire lineage with grace and ease. It was an incredible “Ah-ha” moment!  And that Ah-ha moment is having a huge impact on what I will be offering in “The Ignite Your Light Webinar Series” which begins tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th).

I gave my Lemurian Webinar participants a taste of my new technique, which I’m tentatively calling The Personification of Completeness, on Sunday in a live call, and it works beautifully!  Many experienced “energies and heaviness just falling away” and “deep releases throughout their generational lines.”  It’s easy and effective, and it will be one of the cornerstones of how I work with groups to help clear all those limiting beliefs that hold us back from living our unique completeness.

The Ignite Your Light Webinar Series is designed to assist you to

  • Identify your light and ignite it in the world for all to see;
  • Release the masks of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, family patterns, and negative thoughts;
  • Plant the knowledge within you that you are complete in this moment, and it is now time for you to personify/ground your completeness in your physical body;
  • Discover, own, and begin to use your unique gifts and abilities in the world;
  • And much more.

During the Series, you will experience

  • Information your greater presence wants you to know about living your light in the world;
  • Chakra and energy-body clearings to assist you in accessing and shining your light;
  • Specific energy transmissions of the highest vibration of love and light to support you at this time; and
  • The Personification of Completeness Technique which will help you release with grace and ease limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs around Self-Trust, Self-Appreciation, Self-Love, Speaking Your Truth, Allowing Your Truth to be Heard in the World, Uncovering and Living Joyously with Your Unique Gifts and Abilities, and much more.

The Series will consist of

  • Three (3) Lecture-Mode 60-Minute Calls accessible by either phone or webcast each Wednesday, April 13th, 20th, and 27th
  • Two “Bonus” Interactive Calls on Sunday, April 17th and April 24th
  • Email Support
  • A Follow-Up Q & A Call Two Weeks after the Event on Sunday, May 8th
  • Each Call will be Recorded and made Available for mp3 Download, so you don’t have to be on every call.  You can listen at your leisure and still receive all of the benefits.

All this for only


If you register by 4:30 pm Pacific Wednesday,



If you register after 4:30 pm Pacific Wednesday and before the end of the Webinar.

Once the Webinar is complete, the cost of this more than 6-hour program will increase to $111.

There is still time to sign up.  Just follow this link to register:  https://karenlaruemoye.com/Ignite_Your_Light_Series.html

I hope you’ll join me for this life-changing event.

Hugs of love and light,


If you would like to leave a comment for this post, please do.  I look forward to reading your comments!

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If you are interested in an Empowerment Reading, a One Email Question, or an Energy Integration session with Karen, you can schedule these on-line by visiting her website atwww.karenlaruemoye.com and clicking on the Appointments/Payments page.

Karen LaRue Moye claims Universal copyright for all material included in this blog.  Posts may be shared as long as credit and websites are given.

*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment or advice.

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