Hello.  My name is Karen LaRue Moye, and I am a Success and Well-Being Coach, Intuitive, and Channel living in Southern Oregon.

My Greater Presence represents a streaming of knowledge, wisdom, and transformational tools from my Higher Self, Divine I AM Presence, and Soul Essence as well as my Angels and Spirit Guides who use one voice to represent All that I AM in this moment in time.

My Greater Presence has come forward at this time to be of assistance to those awakening to their own Greater Presence and spiritual path during this world-changing time.

It is no accident that this blog is beginning on 01-01-11 because the main focus of the information contained in this blog over the next year will be to give as much information as possible concerning the establishment of personal foundations within the spiritual, emotional, and physical realms.  Establishing true, solid foundations within ourselves and our everyday lives are necessary during the next 12-month period in order to be in our strongest position possible when we greet the transformational changes of 2012 a year from now.

Please consider subscribing to this blog and telling your friends about it because the information will be relevant, timely, and focused on giving you as much useful, cutting-edge information as possible as we move toward creating the New Earth.

I hope you’ll join me on this great adventure.





6 Responses to About

  1. Steph says:

    Thank you for your blog on “I AM Fully Awakened Pretending I AM Awakening Step-by-Step. As a child, I channeled frequently and it was an amazing powerful experience, sometimes so intense that I was scared to go through that process. This evolved to me writing in a channeled way. I always thought it was outside of myself and why me to have such an experience. I have been told by a soul mate that it is all inside of me and that I am more powerful than I know and always denied that as a possibility because I was say things that I consciously had no way of knowing. After having a channeled reading by you and speaking with you as you, I see the same wisdom mirrored, just spoken in a different tone. It now makes me think that channeling is tapping into a higher aspect of ourselves that we forget we have access to always, because it is ultimately who we are. I am now also ready to accept the fullness of who I am and use the gifts that I buried away for false fears.

    • It is so wonderful that you are ready to open to all of whom you are, Steph! I am so happy for you and believe that you will do so in all ways.
      In some respects, channeling can be tapping into a higher aspect of ourselves but in its purest form, it is when we move aside and allow another energy to come into us and speak through us hopefully for the highest good of all who hear and read the message. It is my belief and the belief of others that the time of channeling another’s wisdom are coming to an end as we each step into our own empowerment and mastery. Afterall, we are the ones we have been waiting for! Lots of love, Karen

  2. Claudia Brazil says:

    Great post, Karen! I love the ‘Truth’ exercises and the reminder that the sensitivity we’ve lived with all these years is actually more of a blessing than an inconvenience. Thank you for helping me flip that switch! Much love, Claudia

    • Thanks Claudia! Aspects of our personalities and our life have a lot to do with how we look at them! If we see the blessings in our gifts and abilities rather than the challenges, we can live more joyously so much quicker. Glad you like the Invoking Truth exercises. I find it amazingly effective in getting past my mental body. 🙂 Lots of love, Karen

  3. Joy says:

    Having worked with Karen before, it is with pleasure and excitement that I now meet her evolved “Greater Prescence” and have benefit of their perspective for new possibilities. What fun and new adventures are open to us in the field of infinite possibilities this new year of 2011? I am so thrilled to know that I chose to be a part of this Great Adventure on our Earth with Humanity at this time and space and wait with bated breath to read the next instalment of the possibilities of the Greater Prescence, whom I welcome to our reality, with Love and Light.

    • Hello Joy! Thank you for your comments. There is so much excitement in so many realms as we move forward into 2011. My Greater Presence was a bit of a difficult birth for me personally, but now I am filled with my own infinite possibilities, and it is my greatest desire to be of assistance to as many people as possible. It’s going to be a great year of learning and incredible movement forward on all levels. Thanks for journeying with me! Lots of love, Karen

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