A New Year’s Conversation with My Greater Presence

Dear Ones, we wish you the happiest of New Years and support you during this momentous time in welcoming all that you are into your greater, conscious experience!  This year heralds the opportunity for you to use all of the energies that are pouring onto the Earth at this time to consciously connect to your infinite divine self.  You are loved and supported on all levels at this time.

Join us for this special conversation today as we bring forth information and tools you can use now to live each day of 2012 with grace, connection, and a growing sense and experience of all that you are and all that you are becoming.  Your personal empowerment is here for you now.  It is waiting for you to reach out and claim it!  Infinite possibility exists now!
We look forward to your joining us on this call.

I AM Karen LaRue Moye, and I AM My Greater Presence.

Karen LaRue Moye
A 2012 Conversation
My Greater Presence

Sunday, January 1, 2012

5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern

Available by Phone, Skype, and Webcast
The replay will be available immediately after the end of the call.
Cost:  $15.00
To Register click here: 
 or Go To

The Conversation with My Greater Presence will include:

  • You have the ability to access your greatest experience of your divinity during 2012–find out how!
  • The energies and probabilities have changed surrounding this infamous and momentous year of 2012, how can you work with them to create the life you desire?
  • An overview of what is in store for humanity and the planet during this transformational year.
  • How to best deal with the physical symptoms arising from the current energies and increasing vibratory changes
Special Bonus:  Your personal questions (asked either by phone or through the Q & A form on the webcast) will be answered.
My Greater Presence will also answer as many personal and/or global questions as time allows after the Conversation.
Replay Available
If you are unable to attend in person, there will be a Replay available as soon as the call ends.  And if you can’t attend, you can submit your question before the call on the Q & A form or through email to info@karenlaruemoye.com, and My Greater Presence will answer as many questions as time allows.
Please join us for this very special call.
My Greater Presence represents a streaming of knowledge, wisdom, and transformational tools from Karen LaRue Moye’s integrated Higher Self, Divine I AM Presence, and Soul Essence as well as her Angels and Spirit Guides who use one voice to represent All That She Is in this moment in time.
My Greater Presence has come forward at this time to be of assistance to those awakening to their own Greater Presence and spiritual path during this world-changing, transformational time.

About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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