After 11-11-11, Now What?

I AM Karen LaRue Moye, and I AM My Greater Presence.

Now that the 11-11-11 has passed, how do you feel? How are you uplifted? How are you disappointed? Did you expect to feel a huge shift in vibration and didn’t? Did part of you half expect/hope that your day-to-day life would suddenly gain more clarity, more ease, more vibrational harmony with the world around you? Did you look for miracles to be made manifest on a personal, national, and/or global scale. Were you left with the feeling/thought of “Now what?”

A huge shift in vibration did occur on the 11-11-11, but it occurred in the many layers of dimensional existence throughout All That Is. Multiverses shifted, the Earth shifted; humanity shifted; you shifted. The vibratory particles of all existence shifted on the 11-11-11 creating room for new thought processes, new freedoms of existence, and infinite possibilities.

You may ask, though, My Greater Presence, if this great shift did occur, why am I not reaping the benefits of the shift? Why hasn’t my energy and health shifted for the better?  Why do I still find my spouse/partner so annoying? Why am I still struggling financially?  Why do I not feel lighter and more connected to Spirit? Why has nothing seemingly changed in the world? It seems to just be more of the same old, same old, same old.

We empathize with your frustration and confusion. Many of you have looked toward the 11-11-11 for so long. You felt sure that on that magical day, you would step through a portal into a new existence filled with more peace, good health, abundance, and spiritual connection than you have ever experienced.

The Domino Effect

Dear ones, let us explain it to you in this way. The vibrational shift of the 11-11-11 was one of a subtle but unstoppable opening to transformation and a new world. An appropriate metaphor for this shift in vibration would be a large maze of dominoes. The 11-11-11 set the first domino in motion as it fell for the first time in your evolution onto the domino behind it. Now, as though in slow motion, each subsequent domino is falling one by one. Each frequency of control and servitude, each invalid thought form, each pattern that no longer serves you and your world are dropping one by one.

Once a pattern of dominoes has been put into motion, you are used to each one falling in such rapid succession that all have fallen in just a few short seconds. And that is where in this case our metaphor does not tell the whole story. For although the energies that were opened on the 11-11 have set off innumerable subsequent energies, events, and actions, each is being set off, or knocked down in the case of the dominoes, in its own timing. One by one these new vibrations are being opened and established on the Earth, throughout humanity, as well as throughout all of creation.

Each has its own timing, and divine timing cannot be rushed. We will assure you, though, that wonderful vibrations, changes, and events have been put in motion. Nothing is as it was even though by outward appearances, very little has changed.

If you are continuing to experience feelings of stagnation, of anxiety, loss of sleep/sleeplessness, physical symptoms, and/or the experience of having your biggest issues unerringly in your face, do not despair. This too shall pass. You are in a time of transition as the subtle energies of the vibrational openings that occurred on the 11-11 are set into motion. You have been in a habit of energy and existence that you have had for many, many lifetimes. And as with releasing any new habit–especially a vibrational habit–you must build the new vibration, the new habitual way of being one step, one moment, at a time.

End Procrastination and Open to the New Energies

One way to work with the new energies and begin to build that new vibration is through ceasing to procrastinate in your life. Where in your life are you not taking actions–even small actions–to make your life, your relationships, and your spiritual, emotional, and physical abundance more satisfying to you?

If you are unhappy in your personal relationships, in your health, in your career, in your living situation, in your finances, what steps are you taking to make changes for the better in these areas? Where are you spending your time talking about being stuck, being unhappy, being unfulfilled, being without money rather than putting yourself out into your life and showing up in a new way?

Even with all of these new, expansive energies at your disposal, it is still necessary for you to show up in your life! It is necessary for you to stop procrastinating and take action to create a new habit of being in order to come fully into your new vibration of being. You are spiritual beings having a physical, human experience. You are here to be human, so embrace your humanity, embrace your full physical experience with a sense of love and excitement. Begin to show up in your humanity. Take risks and talk to people who are outside your comfort zone. Show up and be truly you in the world. Give yourself the opportunity to grow, be, and have in new ways. Take the initiative to get out of your stagnant way of living and take responsibility for where you currently find yourselves, and then go out into the world and allow yourself to be mirrored to you in a hundred different faces and in a hundred different ways.

To assist you with the next step on your journey, a special Personification of Completeness recording has been prepared for you to release the force of Procrastination from your mind, body, emotions, lineage, cellular memory, and DNA. We encourage you to use this tool to assist you in moving from stagnation into the new vibration that is the wholeness of you.

Personification of Completeness for Procrastination

It is our hope you find this tool of service to you at this time in your evolution.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

I AM Karen LaRue Moye; I AM My Greater Presence.  As it is, so it is.

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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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One Response to After 11-11-11, Now What?

  1. Claudia Brazil says:

    Thank you, Karen. I thought I was the only one! And I love the domino metaphor.
    Many blessings,

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