To Manifest or Not to Manifest; That is the Question

Note from Karen:  For me, the last six weeks have been an incredible exercise in humility, letting go, and going with the flow. Everything that no longer serves me–my house, relationships, aspects of my work, pride, and so much more–have just gone away without fanfare or in many cases much warning.

I feel I am the most paired down, unfettered by outside influences, and closer to my authentic being than at any time in this life since I was a newborn. I start something I feel strongly guided to do only to be stonewalled either by my own processes or the universe. I am incredibly happy and centered for days, and then I feel as though I’ve been run over and forgotten by life. People come and go in my life in the blink of an eye. I don’t feel as though I can move forward right now, and yet, I feel I am changing almost minute by minute. Old issues and wounds I thought long gone keep coming up to be looked at one more time, and yet, I feel freer, more at peace, and more in touch with my own divinity than at any other time in this incarnation.

So in this space, what do I do?

As a wonderful friend of mine told me this morning (because I had completely spaced the fact), today is the New Moon in Libra. She happily reminded me that today is the perfect day to put my intentions out into the universe so they can manifest more quickly in my life.

I thanked her for the reminder, but after we hung up, I started to think about my world as I am currently experiencing it as well as the outside world as it is today. I began to wonder whether the energies of the New Moon really are the same as they used to be and whether we can still manifest in the same ways. And maybe most importantly, should we even try?

Since one of my favorite parts of working with clients is helping them connect to their intuition and guidance, I decided to follow my own teachings and ask My Greater Presence, “Do I manifest or not on this New Moon?” Maybe the answer I get will be helpful for you in your life as well.

With big hugs of love and light,


I AM Karen LaRue Moye; and I AM My Greater Presence.

“It is, as you say, the New Moon in the astrological sign of Libra. Last year at this time, you were happily sending out notices to your clients and email subscribers information on making their New Moon Intentions so they could manifest all they desired in their lives. Then, you dutifully hand wrote your 10 intentions and put them aside to begin (hopefully) their manifestation journey in your life.

Months ago, you stopped sending out these email reminders, and then you stopped writing out your own New Moon intentions. Nothing really happened to precipitate this change. Instead, you merely ceased to be drawn to the energy of writing down the intentions you wished to manifest in your life and began to live more in the moment.

For dear one, writing intentions and goals for your life may seem an empowered act, and yet in doing so, it takes you out of your present moment experience and into a future experience or wished for experience. Intentions and goals tell all of the parts of you that are listening that you are unhappy, unfulfilled, or dissatisfied with some aspect of your self, your relationships, your career, and/or your surroundings and possessions. You might argue that it is not bad or wrong to wish for better things for yourself, improvements in your health and well-being, happier relationships, or more money with which to live a less stress-filled life.

And we agree with you. It is not bad or wrong. There is no judgment concerning the practice in that way. In the current higher-vibrating energies, though, we do not see such exercises benefiting you in the way you desire to be benefited. From our prospective, you are whole and complete in this moment in time. Every breath you take and every experience you are currently experiencing is perfect in this moment in time.

When you take yourself out of this moment and decide within yourself that you have judgment concerning some aspect of your self and/or life–your body is too thin/heavy, your life is not complete without a soul mate, you have the wrong job, spouse, house, hometown, or income for you to be truly happy. When you make these types of judgments, and then follow them with manifestation techniques such as New Moon intentions or one of the myriad of ways that are in the world at this time to help you “Manifest Your True Desires,” then these techniques play into your dissatisfaction. They have you attempt to bring something to you from outside of you and it encourages you to believe there is something innately wrong with you. If there wasn’t something wrong with you and the way you manifest, then you would have everything you dream of having. Right? So you must be the one at fault.

The Rules of the Game have Changed; Didn’t You get the Memo?

Have you noticed that your manifestations do not seem to correlate any longer with the techniques you are used to using? Does it seem as though you have little or no control over what is currently manifesting in your life? Does it feel as though the rules of the game changed, and someone forgot to notify you?

That, my friend, is because the rules of the game have changed and continue to change. You are less and less often able to “get away with” believing that your peace, joy, good fortune, happiness, and abundance come from outside of you or that God, Spirit, the Creator, All That Is exists outside of you.

We will repeat something to you that you have heard many, many times before:

There is no lack. We will say it again. There is no lack.

There is no lack of natural resources. There is no lack of good, pure water and healthy food. There is no lack of any of the qualities and material expressions you connect with abundance. In the Creator’s multiverses, there is no such thing as lack.

Lack is an extraterrestrial-imposed, human-agreed condition and thought form. That’s right. Lack is a synthetic energy, vibration, and thought form introduced to this planet millennia ago in order to have more control over human beings. It is a control mechanism that has been in place so strongly for so long, most human beings have become disconnected to the truth: The Universe and everything in it is limitless.

Your Truth is You are Limitless

After the 11 11 11, each individual on this planet will have the ability once more to fully experience the limitlessness of your own being. And until that point in time, you and many others feel as though you are on hold or in a waiting room or whatever metaphor you wish to use. You cannot seem to move forward yet, but standing still is feeling almost unbearable.

For you, Karen, and many, many others, everything that is no longer serving the completeness of all that you are intrinsically in this moment in time is dropping away. For some, they have manifested floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, death, loss of good health, loss of jobs and income, loss of homes, loss of loved ones, and so much more.

This is not just bad luck or being in the wrong place at the right time. There are no mistakes. Each experience is perfect for the person experiencing it. Anything you are attached to that you feel is coming to you due to forces beyond your control or outside of you is being shown to you in a different light.

As your political, economic, judicial, and social worlds seem to fall apart, everything that is inauthentic, enabling, entitled, corrupted, and separatist is being disclosed and is crumbling around you. This will continue. Life for each one of you is a microcosm of the macrocosm that is your country and your world. There is a massive breaking down happening on all levels so that what is authentic and in oneness can be brought forward in each of you as well as in all aspects of your world.

Embrace. Breathe. Allow. You are Divine.

We wish to encourage you to embrace wherever you find yourself in this moment. If you are in pain, embrace the pain. If you are grieving, embrace your grief. If you are feeling destitute, embrace the destitution. If you are unhappy in your job, marriage, or with your body, embrace that which you are unhappy with.

Be fully present in your now experience. Positive thinking and manifestation techniques are no longer helping most people, so embrace and allow yourself to be where you are. Allow it to be perfect in this moment. Breathe into this moment. Allow this moment.

And from your breathing, allowing, and being in this moment, remind yourself that you and your world are limitless. Breathe into the truth of your infinite self. Your experience of pain, sadness, anger, or lack is just an experience you allowed for yourself. Thank it for whatever gift it has given you. Embrace it. Breathe through it.

As you breathe, connect with the infinite you, your divinity. Your divinity is not outside of you. It is within you. It has never left you. Your divinity is with your always. You are one with all life and with All That Is. You are a Creator God with immense power through the vibration of love, which is your true vibration.

Breathe all that you are. Embrace all that you are. Allow all that you are to be experienced in this moment.

Then do it again in the next moment.

As you breathe, allow, and embrace where you are, you will be building your next breath and your next experience. You will be helping to build a new world.

We promise you that your experience of being on hold, being in a waiting room, will soon end. In the meantime, embrace it for what it has to teach you in this now moment. Thank it for all of the ways it is preparing you for life without lack, life without suffering, life without separateness.

You truly are being asked to be here now. And from this place, your life will evolve in perfect harmony with all that you are, in perfect abundance, and in perfect love.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

I AM Karen LaRue Moye; I AM My Greater Presence. As it is, so it is.

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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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3 Responses to To Manifest or Not to Manifest; That is the Question

  1. Claudia Brazil says:

    Karen – Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. Your courage, your integrity and your wisdom are inspirational. This is one very powerful and resonant piece I’ll enjoy reading again and again. Here’s to new rules, new energy and new hope.

    Much love and appreciation your way,

  2. Christie says:


    i warmly thank you for sharing your post 🙂 it has been very true for me that i can feel so right on sometimes and so close to my being, then be suddenly lost again. and what you said about manifestation is also what i am experiencing. it seems that there are more things to tidy up out of our subconsciouses, so whatever non-truth attached to any of our desires must be revealed before they manifest. all is in perfect order, even though at times it can be difficult to remember this. thanks once more for giving me a boost today!

  3. Niki says:

    Dear Karen,
    I relate to your post on so many levels. I have been in the waiting room for so long. Any time I try to just gently attempt to reengage with the world, I am not so gently lurched back to the waiting room.. I understood what was happening, but hearing it’s not just me, and hearing the words of your greater presence was wonderful.
    Nothing works like it did, for sure…but it hasn’t been all bad. Lost a few friends along the way…but it may have been time to see the friendship for what it was/wasn’t. Can’t quite find a job….but damn, I am at a loss for what it is I want to do this next go ’round..and I don’t really want to do much, truth be told. All the talk about just telling the Universe EXACTLY what you want is … nearly impossible for me right now. Cause I don’t freakin know! (LOL)
    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your posts for a long time, and thank you and your Greater Presence for speaking to me tonight as well as speaking to you.
    All we can do is hang tight eh?
    xoxo Niki

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