Emotions, Your Breath, and Ascension

I Am My Greater Presence today and every day.  As it is, so it is.

We are currently 9 1/2 months into this transformative year of 2011. Where are you in this moment in time? Where are you experiencing transition, confusion, fear, frustration, anger, and separation in your life? Where are you experiencing peace, joy, love, confidence, and oneness in your life? How would you rate where you are right now compared to where you wish to be?

Dear Ones, wherever you are in this moment in time, embrace and own it. If you are in fear, truthfully acknowledge that is where you are and be in it completely. If you are in anxiety, then embrace your anxiety. If you are in peace and joy, live the peace and the joy with all that you are.

You have heard many times that what you resist persists, and you know within you that there is great truth in this. And yet, how many of you on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis are in a state of resistance to the emotions and feelings that are currently up in your life? It is not easy or pleasant to be thoroughly angry or sad. Such states of being are uncomfortable and as spiritual beings, we believe that we should be constantly in a state of joy and connection, and if we are not, then we judge ourselves so very harshly and beat ourselves up for not being able to stay in a state of joy and connection. And how is beating yourself up working for you?  How is judging yourself to be wrong or bad or less than promoting more joy in your life?

You Have Been Taught to Stuff Your Emotions

You have been taught since early childhood by your parents, your caregivers, your teachers, your religion, and your culture that it is not okay to show strong emotions whether of anger, frustration, or sadness. You have been programmed to believe feeling strong emotions are wrong or bad or that you will hurt someone either emotionally or physically if you give vent to your emotions. If you are in a highly emotional state, you are a threat to yourself and those around you. You have been taught that if you give into your emotions, you are bad or something bad will happen.

How well is this programming working for you? Is your life happier because of it? Are you a more successful, good, or spiritual person because of being taught to not own and honor your emotions? Is your life and your emotional well-being better because you stuff your emotions?

Most of you will agree that this programming has not served your greater good. You are not living a happier, healthier, more joyous life because you do not feel free to express and to own your emotions. Instead, many of you are experiencing greater stress, anxiety, disappointment, depression, and ill health due to the fact that you are not totally allowing and accepting of your emotions and feelings. How much energy are you currently using to keep yourself from admitting that you are completely pissed off at yourself, your family, your friends, your partner, your boss, the guy in the next car, the government, and God? What toll is stuffing your anger taking on your physical body and your sense of well-being? Some of you are so used to being angry and stuffing it that you have even lost the conscious connection with your anger; you don’t even realize you are so angry you can hardly stand it.

Do you know that anger is a secondary emotion? Anger is empowered grief/sadness/depression. When you have extreme grief, sadness, and depression at the core of your being, you are stagnant in your ability to move yourself into a better feeling place. In many ways, extreme grief and depression suck the light and life out of you. There is very little that is empowered about this state of being, so when you go from being depressed or grief-stricken to being totally angry, you actually have moved closer to joy. When you are angry, you are a much more empowered sad or depressed person.

In today’s society, though, emotions are not honored and allowed their full expression. How many of you walk into a room, notice an angry person within it, and then move away from them so that their energy will not somehow corrupt your own? Do you realize that if you didn’t have any anger within you, the other person’s anger could never touch you in any way? You feel uncomfortable around another person’s strong emotions only when they are resonating with unexpressed emotions within you. The world and everyone in it are your mirrors, and when you own and deal with the reflections you are receiving, you will finally know that no one but you can negatively (or positively) impact your life experience. It is all you.

Give Yourself Permission to be Exactly Who and Where You Are

It is time to give yourself permission to be exactly who you are and own exactly where you are. Energy is just energy–it is not good, it is not bad, it just is. Water is a natural energy. It is not good or bad unless we place some judgment on it. In the same way, energy is not good or bad until we judge and label it so. And when you truly begin to accept the truth of this and accept whatever energies, emotions, and feelings you are experiencing, then you will begin to free yourself to live a happier, healthier, and more authentic life.

How do you do this? How do you free yourself to live a more joyous life of deep connection to All That Is? You begin by giving yourself permission to live in the present moment and to accept fully wherever you are and whatever you are feeling in this present moment. If, right now, you are angry, allow yourself totally to embrace your anger. If you are sad or depressed, allow yourself to embrace your sadness and your depression. Right now, in this moment, be with whatever you are feeling and experiencing. Breathe through that emotion. Own it. Allow it. If tears run down your face, then embrace your tears. If you want to pummel a pillow, then pummel a pillow. If you want to scream, then scream into a pillow or scream into your empty house.

You will find that as soon as you stop fighting, disowning, suppressing, or compartmentalizing your emotions, and you just allow them to be without judgment, they will begin to flow through you uninhibited, and then they will be gone. If you are not suppressing or resisting your emotions, they naturally will  flow through you and lessen or be gone before you realize it.

If a wave of sadness comes over you, and you feel like crying, then allow yourself to cry and to feel that wave of sadness. When you do so, you will find that it is then over before you know it. If you feel anger building, be still for a moment and allow yourself to feel the anger and to breathe into it. By not resisting the anger, you do not prolong it, and it is able to move through you unobstructed.

A Tool to assist You with being in the Moment

Every moment of every day, you carry with you a very powerful and easy tool to assist you in owning where you are and what you are feeling, and that tool is your breath. Yes, your breath. In every moment of the day, you always have the power of your breath with you. Unfortunately, when you are experiencing strong, uncomfortable emotions, you probably tend to hold your breath, but your breath is one of your greatest allies and greatest transformational tools.

When you focus on your breathing, you cannot be anywhere but in the now moment. You cannot breathe in the past. You cannot breathe in the future. You only can breathe in the here and now. And as you breathe in this moment in time, as you focus on your breath, whatever emotions you are feeling are able to flow through you unobstructed. If you are anxious, then focus on your breathing. If you are scared, then breathe. If you are angry, breathe the anger through you.

Try it. It works wonders. You don’t have to breathe in any special way. You can breathe through your abdomen, your chest, or your heart–it doesn’t matter. The only requirement is that you focus on your breath. Take a few minutes right now and give it a try. Close your eyes and just focus on your breath. Breathe whatever energies you are experiencing in the moment through you. If thoughts come up, allow them to come up. Don’t try to push them away, because you can’t, just allow them to float across your mind. If emotions come up, then be in and with those emotions, allow yourself to own and allow them, and then experience them leaving.

It’s as simple as that.

In these times of great transformation and change, allow yourself truly to own all of you including all of your wonderful, perfect emotions. Your emotions make you human. You are incarnate upon the planet to experience life as a human. Own your emotions. Revel in them. Allow them to flow unobstructed through you. Breathe in this moment and allow yourself fully to be present in your body. This is one of the greatest tools of ascension, and it is part of you in every moment.

Be. Allow. Live. Experience. Own.

As it is, so it is.

You are loved and supported unconditionally.

I Am Karen LaRue Moye. I AM My Greater Presence

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One Response to Emotions, Your Breath, and Ascension

  1. Claudia Brazil says:

    Amen! Let’s hear it for Pissed Off! I’ve always felt it was a healthy emotion and have no problems expressing it. Thankfully it doesn’t show up very often these days, but when it does…..it’s one powerful force. When expressed with integrity and consciousness, anger is indeed a beautiful boundary.

    Thank you for your words, your wisdom, your light and the sharing of them with us. C xo

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