The Heavy Weight of the Unknown

I AM Karen LaRue Moye.  I AM My Greater Presence today and every day.

You have read and heard much concerning the energies of this year of 2011–how your intuitive/psychic abilities will be enhanced as never before; that you are in the process of building the New Earth; and that there is currently support for all of your dreams and desires to be made manifest this year.  And all of this is true.  Much is being built in multidimensional spaces regarding the New Earth; you are using more of your extrasensory perceptions than at any other time and this will only continue; and your abilities to manifest are greater and more supported than ever before.

And yet.

The reality for most of you is that you live in a world filled with chaos, stress, unease, and fear.  Your anxiety levels are extremely high, and whether you realize it or not, you live in a perpetual state of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

For some of you, the greatest cause of your anxiety centers around Earth changes and aberrant weather patterns.  Where and when will the next earthquake or tsunami strike?  Am I in the path of the next tornado or flood, damaging winds and hail?  The natural world appears to have gone mad with some areas of the United States and other countries of the world barely being able to dig themselves out of one natural disaster before another one hits.

Then for those who for the moment are living in areas that have escaped the extreme forces of natural, there are the worries and anxieties around the possibilities or realities of job layoffs and unemployment, real estate foreclosures, pay cuts, and the continuing rise of the cost of food and fuel.

For still others, health issues are taking precedence in their lives as they or family members, friends, and neighbors appear to be hit in an unprecedented way with cancer, illness, and early transitions.  Many relationships are strained to the breaking point.

It is realized that this is just one side of the coin, for there are also  others who are feeling more self-empowered, more in the flow of the Universe, more successful and healthy than ever before.  No matter what is happening in the world, there will always be those who have exorcised their demons, and who embrace their connection with All That Is and personify their unique completeness now, in this moment in time, while in human form.

From this perspective, though, this state of being is not the norm at this time.  What is the norm is that the heavy weight of the unknown is causing added stress and anxiety, lost sleep, and much confusion for many.  The heavy weight of the unknown is causing suffering for far too many during this time of chaos and transition.  Within the mass consciousness, there is a holding of the proverbial breath as humanity waits for the next shoe to fall.

You are Supported Always

The time is now to remind you that you never have been and never will be alone.  You are always supported by your Greater Presence, your Completeness, as well as by numbers uncounted of guides and celestial beings who have your back as never before.  This is a time of testing, and you are to be reminded that you cannot fail–no matter what befalls you, it is impossible for you to fail.  The perspective of the Creator and of your Soul is so much more than your human perspective, and from their perspective, there is no failure.

Human beings are so hard on yourselves.  You live from a place of would’a, could’a, should’a.  In truth, there are no would’a, could’a, should’a’s, there is only this moment in time, and the choices that you make in this moment.  You may look back on this time and think, “If only I had gone right instead of left; I wouldn’t be in this mess.”  In actuality, whether you take the path to the right or to the left or choose to keep moving straight, you will reach the destination you seek.  The scenery may be different along the way, but you will reach your destination either way for there is no failure.

Why are you being reminded of this?  Because the weight of the unknown is heavy for you at this time, and it need not be.

You are Powerful Enough to Change Your Vibration/Your Reality

From wherever you are in this moment–whether in the middle of or on the edge of a natural disaster, or you or a loved one has an extremely serious health issue, or you have lost/could lose your job or house, or even if you are moving through life without a major life challenge but wondering when or if it will be your turn–take a moment to remember that the very essence of you is love and that you are infinite.

This is just one moment in an infinite number of moments.  And in this moment, you have power.  Whether you feel powerful or not, you are.  You have the power to affect how this moment will create your next moment and your next and your next.  You have the power to create miracles in the midst of adversity.  You have the power to create new life from destruction.  You have the power create a totally new, more loving, better-feeling, more expectant moment for your next moment.

You may shout in frustration–“When I am in the midst of fear, of heartbreak, of exhaustion, of destruction and calamity, how do I create a new, better-feeling moment filled with expectation?”  It is a very good question, and the answer is that although it is not necessarily easy to do so, it is do-able.

When you are in the midst of fear, hopelessness, or anxiety, you have two choices:  You can choose to sink into further into the fear, hopelessness, and anxiety and perpetuate these lower-vibrating energies, or you can choose to raise your vibration a little at a time to a place of expectancy, a place of anticipation, a place that allows the energies to brighten.

How?  There are an infinite number of ways to raise your vibration.  Here are but a few:  Sing, dance to a favorite tune, move and exercise your body, look for the things in your life to be grateful for no matter how small, look for the miracles happening around you, count your blessings, hug a loved one, pet a furry friend, figure out one thing you can do differently that will make your life brighter and do it.

Start from where you are, acknowledge where you are, and then find one thing that will change your current vibration for the better and do it.  Action, no matter how small, moves you from Point A to Point B.  But choose your action for its ability to add positive expectation and anticipation to your life rather than to create more of what you already have.

You are Surrounded by Miracles

Even when it seems as though you have lost or are about to lose everything, there are blessings involved.  Energetic cleansing comes in a myriad of faces and forms, and each brings blessings and miracles if you have open eyes to see them and an open heart and mind to embrace them.

You are surrounded by miracles large and small every day.  Begin to take more notice of them and you’ll find that as you do, more and more will appear.

It is not the aim of this message to make light of what you are currently experiencing–just the opposite.  The aim is to help you acknowledge where you are and to take your hand and show you that if you change your perspective, even a little bit, your experience of this now moment will change for the better.  And for that place, you are able to create more and more new moments filled with love, laughter, joy, and the ability to float effortlessly within Universal flow.

An audio has been prepared for you to assist you in releasing any energies you currently may be experiencing around the Fear of the Unknown and the Fear of the Unexpected.  You are encouraged to listen to it, echo it’s words, and release these energies which come as much from outside of you as inside and that are holding you in a state of lower-vibrating energy.  Each time you listen and echo these words, new aspects of these fears are released not only from you and your genetic line, but also from the Earth and all of humanity.  And after the release, you are left with a lighter aspect of being that will more readily look with positive expectation and anticipation to all of the higher-vibrating emotions and events you can and will create in your life.

You are loved and supported beyond measure.

I AM My Greater Presence

Karen LaRue Moye

Personification of Completeness–Fear of the Unknown/Fear of the Unexpected

(Running time:  6:39)

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