Personification of Completeness–A Gift for You

I AM Karen LaRue Moye. I AM My Greater Presence today and every day.

Here Those Issues Come Again!

Have you ever wondered why it seems the issues, emotional wounds, and invalid beliefs you have worked on and worked on from every possible angle keep coming up bigger and more painful than ever?

You’ve diligently done your work for years—read the books, worked with healers, and listened to recordings–yet you still aren’t attracting the abundance, an attractive, healthy body, the perfect soul-mate relationship, and the life of peace and love that you desire.

Why does it seem impossible to get past all the old hurts, abuse, and self-sabotage so you can move forward with grace, ease, abundance, and love?

Have you asked yourself, “What am I doing wrong?  Why can’t I get past this?  When is my life going to change for the better?”

It is time for you to know you haven’t done anything wrong.  You haven’t failed.  You truly have gotten past so much.  Your life is getting better—one moment at a time.

The important thing to know and remember while living an incarnate life on planet Earth at this time is this:  What you are dealing with every day is bigger than just you.  It is so, so much bigger.  Before, when you would release or integrate an old wound or invalid belief, you were doing it for you, for your greater good, for your well-being.  You integrated and released from this lifetime and from other lifetimes and some of you even released for your generational lines.  You released and integrated what was yours and even some of what had been imprinted upon you.  You were valiant; you worked hard; and you saw results.  Maybe not as many results as you would have liked, but you still saw results and felt you were making headway.

You may ask, “If that is true, why does it seem that all the old issues, all the old hurts and issues are in my face bigger than ever?”  To assist you in understanding, let us look at it like this:  Let us say that the issue that is presenting itself really big in your life right now is around the Fear of Failure.

The fear of failure is an old issue you have worked on by yourself and with others, and you thought you had moved past it once and for all.  Now, though, you have the opportunity to really shine your light in the world, and suddenly, you are almost paralyzed into inaction by the fear/belief you will fail.  You are so afraid you will fail; you do not even try.  Sound familiar?

Now you sit around beating yourself up for being in this paralyzed state and wondering how, after all of the work you have done on this issue, it can still have the ability to keep you completely stuck and unable to move forward in meeting your goals.  You feel you must have done something wrong.

You are Clearing for So Much More than Just You!

In truth, you did release the majority of this issue from your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.  You did excellent work on it.  From this perspective, you released all but 15 to 20% of the invalid beliefs, wounds, and patterns around the fear of failure, but it is 100% in your face.  Why?  Because the fear of failure that is being held within the mass consciousness and within the Earth from eons of humanity is making up the other 80 to 85% of the fear of failure within your physical body and energy field.  So together you, the mass consciousness, and the Earth share enough fear of failure to make up a whopping 100% of this energy in your face right now.

How did you get so lucky as to be having this experience?  Somewhere along the way on a soul level, you agreed to help humanity and the Earth to release these old fears and thought forms once and for all.  So, whatever it is that you have worked on and worked on that is currently in your life bigger than ever, it is part of your contract for your part in the healing of humanity and the Earth.

Now, doesn’t it feel a little better to know it isn’t all about you and you haven’t failed?  In fact, these old issues are so prevalent in your life because you did such a great job in releasing them from you that you are now able to help release your part of it for humanity and the Earth.  This may not be the thanks you were hoping for, but it does show how beautifully you have progressed to helping to release all of these old patterns, wounds, and beliefs on a global energetic level.  Well done, you!

The Personification of Completeness

So how do you release these old patterns of thought and being once and for all on as many levels as possible?  One way is with the Personification of Completeness (P of C).  This cutting-edge, Spirit-gifted Energy Medicine technique uses the power of words to release issues once and for all from

  • Your mind, body, and emotions;
  • Your father’s and mother’s generational lines going back to the generational source of the issue  (this includes both biological and adoptive generational lines);
  • Your human cellular memory and DNA;
  • The negative charges and imprints in all thoughts and emotions from this lifetime or any other;
  • Your part of the energy held within the mass consciousness;
  • And last, but definitely not least, your part of the energy held within the vibrations of the Earth

The current version of the P of C was gifted to Karen in her dream state early Wednesday morning April 20th when it was made clear to her that the power of this technique lies in the incredible power of the spoken word, the ability to stay present with the process, and the ability of the person using the technique to take responsibility for their part of whatever issues they are releasing.

The Earth is no longer in a time when human beings can avoid taking responsibility for their thoughts, their actions, and their creations.  Beliefs, thought forms, abusive actions, inauthentic ways of being in the world—all of these are creations—and once something has been created, it can never be un-created.  But it can be made harmless and returned to un-manifest form within the void in order to be used in a new creation of light, love, and assistance to humankind and planet Earth.

The Personification of Completeness is a gift from the Greater Presence and divinity of Karen LaRue Moye to the world during this incredible time of transition.  It is an ever-evolving technique that will continue to change, grow, and become even more powerful as the energies on the planet and within humanity are able to support each higher vibration.

Realize that many of you reading these words also will be bringing new information, new techniques, new music, new forms of art and science, and new ways of being onto the planet in the weeks, months, and years to come.  As each of you has the courage to express fully your unique flavor of your Greater Presence and divinity, you will be led to bring in your piece of the New Earth.  Each of you is loved and supported beyond measure for the role you will play whether it is on an intimate level within your own family and community or on a more statewide, countrywide, or global level.  However you wish to express your unique gifts and abilities, you are blessed.

Try the Personification of Completeness for Yourself

Here is a gift for each of you.  Two different audios using the P of C are given below to give you a taste of this wonderful new technique.  The first gives a little more explanation of P of C as well as the P of C process for releasing the Fear of Change within you, and the second deals with the issues around the Energy of Lack in your life.

As has been stated, this process is ever-changing, so if you wish to use the latest version to P of C (as of Sunday, April 24th), any place where you are asked to repeat the phrase, “and all is light,” it is suggested that you replace the phrase with “and all is love.”  When you are reminded that all is love, all is created from love and all returns to love, you are within the void where un-manifest forms, the building blocks of all creation reside.

Personification of Completeness–Fear of Change

(running time 15:12)

Personification of Completion–Issues around Lack

(running time 10:53)

I AM My Greater Presence

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I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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