Introducing the Personification of Completeness

Hello Everyone,

Here’s a bit more information on my new energy release and integration technique that I’m calling Personification of Completion.

First, a little background:  About two weeks ago, I was having a lot of discomfort/pressure in my chest as well as difficulty in catching my breath/getting out of breath easily.  I hadn’t been to a doctor in almost two years, but my symptoms were bothersome enough that I decided to have a checkup.

So on Tuesday, April 4th, I saw my doctor, and she insisted I have an EKG (my first).  It showed an abnormality in the T-wave which she wanted a cardiologist to look at, but it was the end of the day, and the specialist had already gone home.  She asked another doctor at the clinic for a second opinion, and he said to send me to the Emergency Room for a full workup.  Since I don’t have medical insurance, a trip to the ER certainly wasn’t my first choice, but she was insistent, so I got my three girls home and with dinner and then drove myself to the ER.

It’s a strange comment, but it was a very heart-warming experience.  The ER was empty except for one other patient, and everyone on the staff was extremely pleasant, helpful, and efficient.  After another EKG, a lung X-Ray, and blood work, the ER doc said that he believed my abnormal T-wave was my unique heart signature, and that I was suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the chest) as well as an inflammation in the cartilage of my upper chest.  He gave me a regimen to follow and sent me home.

Since then, Katie Todd, a wonderful energy healer, has helped me to release a lot of fear I was holding in my chest that was not even my fear—it was my mother’s fear–my mother’s fear of my being a success in the world as well as her grief for what she considers the missed opportunities of her own life.

Now when I think of the experience, I laugh to myself and remember the line from the animated cartoon, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, which goes something like, “and the Grinch’s heart grew 10 times bigger that day.”  Although I’ve never considered myself a Grinch, I do feel as though my heart has expanded exponentially over the past couple of months (especially since the Lemurian Webinar I hosted in March), and that my physical body just hasn’t been able to keep up.

What I feel is a direct result of my heart expansion came on the Saturday, the 9th of April when I woke up with the a new technique for releasing invalid beliefs, thought forms, family patterns, and fears that I’m currently calling the Personification of Completion.  It is a combination of Ask and Receive (, Ann Taylor’s work (, and the wisdom of Panache Desai ( mixed with a big dash of Karen LaRue Moye.

I introduced my Lemurian Webinar participants to Personification of Completion (P of C) on Sunday, the 10th of April, and it worked wonderfully in helping them to release the energetic charge on the issues of Judgment and Self-Trust—especially releasing the power of these issues from their generational lineages on both sides.

As a side note, I have an interest in numerology and always check the numerical energy around any phrase or name that I adopt.  I have an easy source for this, a website where you can get a free numerological birth date reading and name/phrase reading.  I consider P of C’s date of birth to be April 10, 2011 since that was the first day it was birthed directly into my work with people.  The number in numerology you get from a date of birth is called the Life Path Destiny Number, and for P of C, that number is a 9:

You contain all of the qualities of the humanitarian. Patient, wise and compassionate, you love in a way that can choose no favorites. You are here to love and to serve all equally and without prejudice. Others are drawn to you as a role model and it is your responsibility in life to be the embodiment of integrity, wisdom and inspiration. You are attracted to the fine arts and philosophy and you seem to have a direct line to higher wisdom. You will always receive all that you need. It is important that you focus your attention on service.

Then I checked the numerology of the most important phrase in P of C which is:  “I personify my unique completeness now.”  I found the numerology to be amazing:

Soul Urge: 90 / 9 


Your Soul Urge – The Song of Your Soul – A Deeper Look Into What Motivates You
Like the number 6 soul urge, your life revolves around giving and receiving love. Your desire, however, includes the whole of humanity and a few races besides. Compassion, passion and forgiveness make up your essence and you are very generous and impressionable. The fine arts call out to you and you may in fact have a master artist living inside of you.

Personality: 81 / 9 


Your Personality – The Impression You Make upon the World
People seem to be drawn to you for absolution. You emanate forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Your charming and generous personality brings you love and good luck in abundance. Many people will be attracted to you because of your idealistic and romantic nature. Others will be transformed by your example.

Expression: 171 / 9 

Your Expression – Character, Talents and Identity – Your Unique Quality of Consciousness
You have a vision of a perfect world. Forgiveness, Love and altruism are the path you walk. You are the idealist, and you do everything in your power to live up to your ideals in order to be a good example for others to follow. Inside, you know that you will be imitated, so you are extremely aware of your every “imperfection”.  Letting go of people and places when you have fulfilled your role with them is an important lesson for you. There are many that need to be touched by your wisdom.

The Philosophy of the Personification of Completion

It is amazing to me (and not just a fluke) that all of the numbers and energies around the P of C are 9—those of completion and world service.  And that is exactly my intention and desire for this work that it reminds the people who use it that they are already complete in this moment, and it is my greatest wish personally to be of service to as many people as possible and to the planet.

We are already complete; we have just forgotten.  We have spent this lifetime and others acquiring masks and blinders of invalid beliefs, thoughts, patterns from family, society, and religion, and fears that have nothing to do with our Spirit, who we truly are.  We have accepted these false identities as who we truly are even though there is a part of each one of us that remembers we are so much more.

So it is my philosophy of healing that it is high-time we remember we are already complete and that we embody/personify that completeness now, in this moment, within our physical bodies.  It is time we release all that keeps us stuck or in an endless maze of self-sabotage and awaken to the fact that our Soul, our Spirit, our God-Self—whatever you wish to call it—has never been and never will be hurt, wounded, made less than, or in any way impacted by anything we have experienced or will experience while in incarnation.  Our true essence does not know abuse, fear, hurt, pain, suffering, separation, hatred, or lack of love.  Our true essence knows only completion, knows only love.

That is the purpose of P of C—to remind our minds, bodies, and emotions of that truth—that we are complete, that we are love—now and always.  And it works and works beautifully, through the power of words, words you repeat after me as well as words I say to release invalid energies from your thoughts, your memories, your DNA, your cellular memory, any imprints you may have experienced from others, as well as from your patriarchal and matriarchal lineages back 10 or more generations to the source of the wound within your generational line.  All of this is released through the power of words and intention.  And it is my honor and privilege to introduce it to each of you and to the world.

I will be recording examples of P of C that I will be placing on my website and within this blog over the next week or so that you can use now to help you release certain invalid beliefs easily and completely.  I will also be using the technique in both individual and group (through webinars) energy integration sessions.

It is a process that will change and evolve as I (and the energies and the vibrations of the world) change and evolve.  Nothing is cast in stone any longer.  Everything must be fluid because we are in the midst of the greatest changes humanity has ever known.

If you are interested in learning more about the Personification of Completeness, I invite you to schedule an individual session with me or join me in one of my upcoming Webinars.  The Ignite Your Light Webinar Series participants will experience three to four hours worth of this invaluable release system, and it will also be offered within future Webinars dealing with prosperity issues, vibrational illness, weight loss, and other pertinent issues.

It is an incredibly exciting time.  There are many, many new ways of working with energy that have recently come onto the planet and will be coming as gifts to us in the weeks, months, and years to come.  It is my heartfelt pleasure to be able to be even a small part of this.

In service with love and light,


A few things people are saying about their experiences with Personification of Completeness:

“It felt as though old energies just fell away.”   — V.R.

“Wanted to let you know I actually woke up happy this a.m.  That may not sound like a big deal, but as I reflected on that, there has not been many times that I woke up happy–energized, motivated, excited, and other emotions–but rarely happy.”  — B.D.

“Our thoughts go into our electromagnetic field then are held in the earth’s emotional/mental body. I felt all the thoughts of my lineage & past/current life being cleared from the earth’s grid lines much like the other zip lines I saw in this clearing process. After a couple hour nap Monday afternoon, all the residual was cleared & released. I have noticed that a lot of the endless mind chatter I hear (also stream of consciousness) is gone. . . . I am accepting of my gifts of being a triple empath and also of having motion to hearing synesthesia. I own that I’m an energy savant J (one with detailed knowledge in a specific field). More puzzle pieces keep falling into place and I’m sooo grateful to you for being a catalyst for that.”  —  S.O.

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*This is not meant to take the place of any medical or professional treatment or advice.


About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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