Aries New Moon and New Webinar Announcement

I am Karen LaRue Moye, and I am My Greater Presence today and every day.  As it is, so it is.

From Jan Spiller, astrologer extraordinaire: NEW MOON REMINDER… Sunday, APRIL 3, Aries, 9:32 am EST (10:32 am, EDST = Eastern Daylight Savings Time), is the New Moon Power Day in April!  This month offers us an ESPECIALLY powerful New Moon because the New Moon in ARIES is the most potent Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings!

(These times are in Eastern Daylight Savings Time.)

Sunday, April 3rd 10:32 am to midnight; Monday, April 4th 12:01 am to 6:03 am; 7:47 pm to midnight; Tuesday, April 5th 12:01 to 7:01 pm

This New Moon empowers you to become more aware of yourself and those things that truly are in alignment with your own identity.  It stimulates in you the boldness to follow your impulses and discover yourself.

The energy of ARIES also creates an opening for demonstrating your independence and thereby increasing your vitality.  This New Moon offers us the support to become more honest and authentic in our dealings with others.  It gives us the confidence to begin a desired new pathway of self-expression that before we may have lacked the courage to initiate.

If you wish to know more about Jan and how she uses New Moon Intentions, visit her website here.

Now let’s see what guidance the Council of 12 has for this important New Moon.

The Lemurian Council of 12:

Dear Friends, well met during this auspicious time.  You have heard many times about the importance of the pull of your moon on your tides, your energies, and the cycles of life on your planet.  Many of you are also aware of the importance of the New Moon for making new intentions in your life, and the Full Moon for releasing anything that is holding you back from manifesting your intentions.

Today, with the potent energies of the Aries New Moon, you are asked to go within, to delve deep within yourself to that place you hold most sacred, that place within you that is in perfect harmony with with All That You Are and the bigger picture of your life and purpose for this incarnation.

We know that many of you have used the power of the New Moon in the past for intentions such as losing weight, meeting your soul mate, getting out of debt, manifesting a new home or job, manifesting more money in your lives, intending better health and well-being, and so much more.  And each one of these intentions were perfect for you at the time.  Now, though, we wish for you truly to look at your life in this moment, to look within your self at your true desires, and to look at the bigger picture of where you wish to go from this point.

Be Where You Are Now and Own It

How do you do this?  We suggest you begin by acknowledging in all honesty where you are in this moment in time.  What is the status of your health and the well-being of your physical body?  What is the status of your relationship with your significant other and if you do not currently have a significant other in your life, how are you coping with that truth?  What is the current status of your finances, of your debt?  What is the current status of your career?  What is the current status of your relationship with yourself, with your love of self?  What is the current status of your spiritual life?  What is the status of joy in your life?

We ask you to honestly look at where you are in this now moment.  Whether the picture you see is one filled with love and joy or whether you see things you would like to change and improve on everywhere you turn, take an honest look.  Write it down.  At the top of the page, write This is My Life Today.  Then make headings such as Physical Health, Emotional Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, etc., and write everything you need to write about where you are right now in those categories.

Why do we wish you to place your attention in this moment on where you are rather than where you wish to be?  It is for the simple fact that most of you spend much of your time avoiding the truth of your circumstances and how you truly feel about your current circumstances.  We are not asking you to wallow in where you are.  We merely are suggesting that you own wherever you are in this moment in time.

If you feel old; own that right now, “I feel old.  I have aches and pains and less energy, and I hate it.”

If you are lonely, own that right now, “I am lonely.  I know consciously that I am never alone and my guides are always with me, but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m lonely and depressed.”

If you are worried about your finances, own that right now, “I don’t know where the money for my mortgage/rent is coming from next month.  I barely got this month’s together.  It gets harder each month.”

Whatever you are experiencing.  Own it.  For the magic of owning and voicing your current experience is that you are not smoothing over it, you are not ignoring it, you are stating the truth of your situation in this moment.  And from stating the truth of your experience, your experience will begin to change.  You will begin to feel relief from it.  You will begin to feel better.  And as you begin to feel better, you are able to bring new situations to you in the moments that follow this one.  But first, Be Here Now.

Now that you have truly owned where you are in this moment in time, it is time to use the potent energies of the Aries New Moon for creating the next steps on your personal life path, steps that represent your life purpose.

Creating from This Moment Forward

This is the New Moon that creates a foundation for the next 12 months.  This is the New Moon where the energies supporting your intentions to be All That You Are have never been stronger in this incarnation or any other.

When you look deeply within yourself, past the illusions, past the masks, past the false identities, who are you really?  What is it that makes your heart sing?  What gifts and abilities that you possess give you the most joy when you are in alignment with them and using them in the world?  What truly brings you joy?

Forget about who you have been told that you are.  Forget about what you have been told is your purpose or what your gifts are.  What is it that reverberates in you that wishes a voice in the world?  Are you in your joy when you are helping others, singing, dancing, motivating, organizing, gardening, painting, or interacting with children or elders?  Where is your joy?

Find these places within yourself and make a new list.  Entitle this new list, What Brings Me Joy, and list the same areas: Physical Health, Emotional Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, etc.  Under each heading, list what truly brings you joy and makes your heart sing in those areas.

“I love the feel of my body as I take my run in crisp, early morning air.  I feel so alive!”

“I love it when I look into my lovers eyes and am truly seen and acknowledged.”

“I experience such joy in treating myself to a spa day or a visit to the theatre, or to a sporting event.”

As you are making these lists, know that it does not matter if this joy is what you are presently experiencing in your life.  In fact, we know that in most cases they will not be your experiences.  But as you write them down, as you own what truly brings you joy, and as you put that vibration into your energy field and into the world during this Aries New Moon, then you are able increase your vibration and your attractor field to bringing more of what gives you joy in your life in this moment and the next and the next and the next.

An Opportunity to Live Your Truth

We ask you to try it.  To make the list of where you are right now and then to make the list of all that brings you joy as you live from your true self, your true identity.  Then, take the time to read your list of joys every day when you awaken, and then at the end of the day, give gratitude for all the miracles big and small that you have experienced as a result of focusing your awareness on what brings you joy.

If you have trouble knowing what brings you joy, try something on to see if it fits–if it does, add it to your list, and if it doesn’t, throw it out.  For instance, if you think that you would like to work with children using your love of music, imagine a scenario of writing a song especially for children and then teaching it to a group of young people.  Imagine what this would be like in great detail.  How do you feel as you are imagining it?  Do you feel uplifted and happy?  If so, put it on your list.  If not, try on something else.

And remember, do not get caught up in what these pictures of your joy actually “look” like.  The Universe has a much bigger perspective of the possibilities for your life than you do.  Allow the Universe to fill in between the lines.  Your job is to concentrate on how you wish to feel.

This is a magical time.  You are supported by the moon, the planets, your guides and angels, and most especially by All That You Are.  No dream is too big or too small.

You are loved and supported unconditionally.

The Lemurian Council of 12


Featuring Karen LaRue Moye

Channeling the Lemurian Council of 12

Wednesdays, April 6th, 13th, and 20th

5:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Mountain, 7:30pm Central, 8:30 Eastern

Each event in the series will be recorded.

You do not have to be present on the call to participate.

Cost for the 3-Event Series:


If You Register by April 6th at 4:30pm Pacific


If You Register After the Start of the Series, you will still receive the recording for any event you missed.

For more information or to register:

A message from the Lemurian Council of 12 concerning the Webinar Series:

“Dear Ones, the time is now.  This beautiful planet and all who dwell upon her are waiting for you to ignite your light and shine it brightly and courageously in the world.  Each one of you has a unique contribution to the New World that is being created.  Each one of you is needed at this time.

Are you ready?  Are you ready to own all that you are and begin to offer your unique vibration to the world?  If you are ready, if you do wish to accept our offer of help, then we promise you that we will stand by you on this journey of incorporating all that you are within your physical body whether the journey lasts a few days, months, or even years.  We have always been here, within the vibrations of Mother Earth, to assist humanity, and we will not leave you until each one who is ready to ignite all of who they are ignites their light.

If there is fear and uncertainty, we will assist you in releasing all that holds you back.  Each one of you has fears, thought forms, health issues, and situations that are unique to you, and yet all of you share the fact that you are each and every one sparks of the Divine incarnate in physical form at this time.  Cast off all that is holding you back.  Step forward with the courage you incarnated with and live your light, live your unique life purpose, live your flavor of All That Is!

We are here, loving you, and supporting you unconditionally.  Join us.  The time is now.”

The Lemurian Council of 12

*    *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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