Possible Radiation Contamination?

I AM Karen LaRue Moye and I AM My Greater Presence today and everyday.  Today I AM also the channel for the Lemurian Council of 12.

“Dear Ones, this one, Karen, is sitting in a hotel room near the Portland, Oregon, airport typing this for us before she travels to Kauai, Hawaii, tomorrow for her “spring break.”  She is ready to go to bed and yet we once again keep her up for the energies around all of you are mounting.  Many are in distress.  Many are in fear.  Many are experiencing panic and anxiety.  Everywhere you turn–on your television stations, your radio stations, your internet sites, and your newspapers—you see disaster, chaos, and uncertainty.  Fighting and protesting around the globe have been overshadowed first by the terrible devastation of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan and now by the threat of radiation exposure.

Fear of Possible Radiation Exposure

There are those in the Pacific Northwest and California who are already taking Potassium Iodine and other supplements and oils to ward off any supposed danger from a possible radiation threat.  Many are risking their health more from the Potassium Iodine than could ever be experienced from possible radiation from Japan.

Why are you in fear?  Why do you believe there is a threat to your health and your well-being?  We know of the events that are taking place in Japan from the damaged nuclear reactors.  We are watching them from our perspective just as you are watching them from yours.

The current perspective of many of you is that utter disaster is at hand—that Japan will be devastated by a nuclear incident not seen since Russia’s Chernobyl—and that the trade winds could carry these radioactive particles far and wide to bring illness and possible death to unsuspecting victims.  Are we putting too fine a point on this?  We do not believe so.  The fear which began with the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan is spreading to near hysteria in that country as well as other countries around the globe with certain groups of people.

If this is your current experience, it is not for us to take it from you if it is serving your greater good on some level.  Earth is a planet of free will and free choice, and only you on a soul level know what is for your highest good for you to experience at this time.  No one–no master, no guru, no religious or political leader, no voices from this side of the veil—can tell you what your truth is.  Only you, your Greater Presence, can determine your truth.

So with that in mind, before we give you our perspective, we wish to remind you that in all information that you receive from any and all sources outside of you, you must decide if it is your truth.  How do you do this?  It is easy.  If what we or anyone else says resonates with you, feels right and good in your body, then accept it.  If the information does not resonate with you, does not feel good in your body, then cast it aside and do not waste another moment thinking about it.  Or, if you are uncertain in this moment in time whether it resonates with you or not, then we suggest that you put it aside, put it in a metaphoric box beside you until you wish to take it out and look at the information once more.  When you do take it out again, if it resonates with you, keep it; if it doesn’t resonate with you, then discard it.  It’s as simple as that.

Suggestions for Cleansing Your Energy Field

If you find yourself, though, with your energy body mired in the events and chaos swimming around you or if you are not yet comfortable in trusting your Greater Presence and your guidance, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

First, we suggest that you clear your energy fields.  As many of you know, there are many ways to do so.  In the current energetic vibrations, we feel that water is the best cleanser of energy fields, and we offer you these suggestions:

  1. Drink plenty of clean, pure water—We suggest drinking half of your body weight in ounces if that resonates with you, and if you do not have any medical condition that would make this counter-productive.  (Although from our perspective we do not believe one exists.)  For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, then you would seek to drink 70 ounces of water per day.  Now we must add a caveat to this.  If you tend to gulp down 8 to 12 ounces at a time per hour, then your body is not able totally to absorb the water you are drinking.  You drink it and then it immediately becomes waste rather than being used by the cells of your body.  Our suggestion then is to sip your 8 to 12 ounces each hour, every hour during your day.  In this way, your body can draw on all values of the water you are imbibing
    2. Take a shower or a hot bath—Water transmutes negative energy better than any other element found on your Earth.

    a. Shower–when you come home from your day at work or before you go to bed, you may be drawn to take a shower.  It does not have to be a long one because a few minutes of focused intent are all that is necessary.  We suggest that as the warm spray of water comes into contact with your body; see each droplet of water as the pure light energy that it is.  See this radiant energy in the form of water particles washing away any negative energy, any energy that is not yours that you have picked up during your day and intend that it is washed from your body and from your field and down the drain to be transmuted once more into pure un-manifest form.

  2. b. Bath–If you have the time and the inclination, you may enjoy a hot bath.  May we suggest the use of Epsom salts or Sea Salts in your bath water along with any Essential Oils you feel drawn to use?   Some nights you may use one or several Essential Oils and other nights you may choose not to use any.  Whichever is the case, use the salts and the oils with the intent that they transmute any energy that is not yours or that is yours and is ready to be released and transmuted.  Then as you drain your tub, once again have the intent that the energies be returned to pure, un-manifest form.

We believe that these suggestions will assist you in clearing your energy fields and feeling more in touch with your own Greater Presence and guidance.

The Asking Your Guidance Technique

If you are still having doubts as to what your guidance is telling you about the radiation issue or any other issue, then we will suggest once more the following exercise for connecting with your guidance that this one gave you before in the announcement of her Webinar, “Awakening the Lemurian Contract.”  The Asking Your Guidance Technique goes like this:

Stand up and face toward the direction north—you are facing north when the sun rises on your right side and sets on your left.  Bend your knees slightly to help you maintain your balance.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and center yourself. With eyes still closed, however you wish to perceive it, “see” the thing that you are asking about.  If it is whether you are in danger from possible radiation contamination, “see” that before you.  If you are wondering whether a particular workshop, session, energy worker, or anything else is for your greatest good, then “see” that thing, event, or person behind your closed eyes.  Then, ask yourself, “Is this for my highest good?”  If your body sways forward, then your answer is Yes!  If your body sways back or away from whatever you are imagining, then your answer is No!  If you do not receive a clear Yes or No, then you are either not asking a question that can be answered with a Yes or No, so you might try rephrasing it, or maybe the timing for your question is not right.  In that case, leave it for the time being, do something else, and come back to it later.

Our Perspective of a Possible Radiation Crisis

First we will say that our love, support, and gratitude surround the Japanese people at this time—those who passed over in last week’s devastation, those who are living through the current situations on the island of Japan, as well as all Japanese people throughout the world.  Different nationalities of people on the planet have contracted/agreed to play particular roles in the birthing of the New Earth and the role of the Japanese people is currently unfolding.

We realize that many of you wish to see them as victims, but we tell you that no person affected by the earthquake, tsunami, or current nuclear events is a victim.  It is impossible for something to “happen to” someone against their soul’s will.   You are masters.  You cannot be victims.  Each soul agreed to their experiences and situations.  And on a soul level (as well as on a human level) each and every one is a hero.  Although most do not realize it from their human perspectives, each person being affected whether it is directly or indirectly as family or friends has chosen their path.  And in choosing their paths, they are assisting the Earth and all humanity to move forward by assisting in the breaking down and de-structuring of all that no longer works, that no longer has true relevance for a world which will one day be inhabited by awakened, enlightened individuals who realize their true light, self-mastery, love, and purpose.  Those who are currently leaving the planet whether it is through a natural or man-made disaster is leaving so that the Earth and humanity may be assisted at this time and also so that they can return in a few years to a totally New World devoid of suffering, separation, hatred, and fear.

As far as possible radiation contamination is concerned, know that anyone who is affected in Japan has chosen on a soul level to experience this so that the world’s attention can be brought front and center to the problem that is nuclear energy in the current way that it is produced and used and the issues inherent in its use when other forms of “clean” energy are available.  The incidents that are occurring on large corporate and governmental levels will result in problems coming to light around the use of nuclear energy and the way that it is bartered and controlled by a few hidden world moguls who work in secret behind closed doors.  This is the age of complete transparency.  All will be uncovered in the years to come so that injustices can be corrected and monopolies can be broken.

A huge gift to the world is being given by the Japanese people at this time.  And once again, we wrap you in our love, support, and gratitude for you are heroes one and all.

Fear of Radiation Contamination in other Areas of the World

Now what about you?  What about the people living in the Western United States and Canada?  What about those of you living in Hawaii?  What about those of you living in Eastern Europe and Eastern China?  How possible is radiation contamination?  From our perspective, none, but we say none with an addendum.  And the addendum is this:  if you have a soul agreement to experience cancer in this lifetime or if you think about getting cancer and think about getting cancer, then you may very well get cancer.  No person, supplement, or strategy can keep it from you if you decide to pull it to you.  We will tell you as well that it will not matter whether it is from radioactive particles that float 5,000 miles around the Earth on the winds or from your cell phone or from your family history–if you think about getting cancer, fear getting cancer, you may very well get cancer.  And whether you use it to move on to your next highest vibration so that you can either assist on the other planes, ready yourself to reincarnate in a different Earth experience, or “beat” the cancer so that you can renew your life and your purpose, know that you are experiencing your soul choice and that you are not a victim.  You are a master of creation and you are creating your reality with every thought and every emotion every moment of every day and night.

Lift Up Your Energy and that of the Japanese People

So rather than taking Potassium Iodine, an Essential Oil, or wearing a gas mask when you go out of doors, we suggest you turn off your television, turn off your radio news stations, and avoid reading internet accounts and newspaper accounts of the “breaking” situation in Japan.  And with all of this extra time on your hands, we wish you to use it to think positive, uplifting, loving thoughts for the Japanese people and for yourself.  From our perspective, it will be the healthiest, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually beneficial thing you can do.

If you would like to assist the Japanese people in more concrete ways, donate to organizations that do not use 50% or more of your donations for administrative expenses.  Find those agencies with low overheads that use as much of your money as possible to provide aid for the displaced, hungry, thirsty, and cold survivors of recent events.  Send your heartfelt good wishes for their uplifting rather than concentrating your energies by feeling sad for them and seeing them as disempowered.  See the Japanese people as strong survivors who need your love, support, and gratitude rather than as victims who need your pity.  Lend your energies and lift Japan up vibrationally and see the country and its people triumphing at this time—however that is supposed to look.

Remember, your perspective is different than that of the Divine.

We thank you for experiencing the vibration of these words, and we invite your comments.

We also invite you once again to join us on the Spring/Winter Equinox on March 20th streaming from Kauai, Hawaii, for our Webinar, “Awakening the Lemurian Contract.”  If you truly wish to step fully into your power at this time and fulfill your divine blueprint, we are holding your place for you.  Step up and say, “I’m ready.”  You may find more information either in the previous post of this blog or at https://karenlaruemoye.com/Lemurian_Contract_Webinar.html.

Remember dear beloveds, you are loved and supported unconditionally.

The Lemurian Council of 12”

For more information on “Awakening the Lemurian Contract” and to register, please go here: https://karenlaruemoye.com/Lemurian_Contract_Webinar.html.

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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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  1. pvsocal says:

    Great info. Thanks for compiling that.

  2. James x W says:

    it is soo exciting to witness these Earth changes the continued deconstructing and building of a New World OM! great thanks and honour to the beautiful and brave souls of Japan.

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