Birthing the New Human

Karen: as I sit down to write this at 9 pm PDST, I’m feeling a sense of panic that keeps rising in intensity.  Wondering whether it is mine or not, I just checked my guidance about the origins of the panic.

Is it mine?


Is it from the Japanese people?


Is it from the Earth?


Is it from the Ring of Fire?


Is there anything I can do to lessen its impact on me right now?


(As I tune into the Earth in the area of the Ring of Fire, I get a sense of rocking and rolling, of releases of energy, as well as of more energy building, building, building.  I’m leaving for Kauai, Hawaii on Thursday.  Right now, it seems like a very small island in the midst of a very large, churning sea.)

Am I just to channel this message and then go to bed?


So here I am like a cat on a hot tin roof.  Luckily, I can put my consciousness aside and allow the following information to flow through me.  If you are also feeling this energy, you have my total empathy.  Namasté!

Introducing the Lemurian Council of 12

“Dear Ones,  we are the Lemurian Council of 12, and we come to you at this time to answer some questions and to give information about what has happened and what is to happen as well as the reason for this  one’s Webinar, “Awakening the Lemurian Contract” on the Spring Equinox from Kauai.  What this one has yet to understand is that the reason she cannot lessen the impact of the chaotic Earth energies on her physical body and why many of you cannot lessen their impact of your physical bodies is that there is a physical reorganization and transmutation that is occurring at the subatomic level of your physical bodies.  While this is not true of all who are reading these words, it is true for those who are being called to participate in the Webinar on Sunday.

Are you feeling panic rising in your High Heart area and into your throat?  Is your pulse racing?  Does it feel difficult to swallow?  Do you feel as though you are out of control where your physical responses are in this moment in time?  Do you feel the churning throughout your physical systems and possibly a pain or nausea in your stomachs?

You are being Born as a New Human

As the Earth churns and groans, as she is taking in more and more light and energy from the Great Central Sun, adjustments have to be made within her physical body.  And, as you are resonating with her energies, with her changes, adjustments have to be made within your physical bodies.  On the subatomic level, you are being BORN—not re-born—BORN.  The very smallest particles of All That You Are are changing and becoming a new expression of humanity.

You are the vanguard.  You are the way-showers.   Eons ago you agreed to be on the front lines of a new human, a new human experience.  As you take in more light, more aspects of All That You Are, you are changing, growing, and becoming more.  And as in most instances of growth, there is discomfort involved, and you agreed to this as well.

There will be the multitudes that come after you who will not have to feel the discomforts of their birthing for you will have cleared the way for them.  Theirs will be an easy passing into All That They Are for you have agreed to be of the greatest assistance for humanity at this time.

You are Courageous beyond Belief

Dear Ones, you are not the faint of heart.  You are courageous beyond belief, and you are coming forth into your Greater Presence, into All That You Are, so that the way may be cleared for all who come after you.  You have suffered so that the very definition of suffering will one day be wiped from your minds for suffering is a mental construct that became a physical, emotional, and spiritual reality due to efforts to keep the wondrous, powerful beings of light that you are in slavery to a master other than yourselves, slavery to religion and dogma and political machinations.  You have suffered in this lifetime and other lifetimes so that those who will come after you will never know the concept.  As we said, you are courageous beyond knowing.

So does this mean that now, in this moment in time, you must have this panic, this emotional and physical distress?  To a degree, yes.  You agreed that in your birthing process you would feel all that there is to feel, so that it never has to be felt again in the same way.  You agreed to clear the birthing canal of these old energies, these old thought forms, these old belief systems.  Many of you are very comfortable with the idea of a “re-birthing,” but we tell you that this is not a “do-over.”  This has never been done, never been experienced in this way before.  It is a BIRTHING.  With this knowledge some ease should come to you for in understanding the experience, you are able to dispel the fear from it and enter more into a state of love and acceptance.

How long will this experience last?  It is not within our knowing for you are writing this experience in the moment.  Yes, it has been foretold and planned for eons and yet in this you are not at the mercy of a puppet master.  There is no particular way that you have to experience this experience—just that you have to experience the experience.  Your experience of it can be as different and unique as your individual flavor of All That Is and will be.  What is known is that you will experience it.  It has been foretold.  It has been contracted.  It is now being played out in all of its innovative, life-enhancing, multi-dimensional way through each one of you.

Awakening the Lemurian Contract

We are offering a way to make this process easier if it is your wish that it be so.  It will not stop the process, it will not completely alleviate the discomfort, but it can make it easier.  Of what do we speak?

The “Awakening the Lemurian Contract” Webinar that we asked this one to offer on Sunday, on the Spring Equinox from Kauai, Hawaii, is being offered to each of you to assist you to ground this birthing energy, to assist you in accepting your new bodies, your new expression of your unique flavor of All That Is.  Will you “miss the boat” if you do not participate in the call?  Absolutely not.  Will your experience be different than the experiences of your soul companions who participate?  Absolutely yes.

We are offering to you a chance for your bodies to be born quicker and easier in the new energy.  We are offering you a chance of remembering who you are and the role you agreed to play in the evolution of humanity and the planet Earth.  Does this mean that you are not whole and complete just the way you are?  No.  In reality, in this moment there is no reason for you to be other than you are.  Even though it seems as though our words suggest you are “becoming” something different than what you are, in essence, you are “birthing” all of you into this moment in time and the energy of all of you by its very essence changes the physical makeup of your human body from the subatomic level to the physical level.  In allowing more of you into your physical existence, old blocks and barriers are swept away so that you may radiate more of your light, more of your divinity in the world.

If you do decide to accept the invitation of the Webinar, know that your experience will be one of multidimensionality.  And you will be receiving once again the energies that you placed into our keeping when you agreed to the Lemurian Contract.  For the contract is just that, our agreement to hold a part of your essence for you until you were once again ready to integrate it into all that you are.  You are now ready, and we are ready to hand this essence to you once more.

And while the terms “Lemurian” and “Lemuria” hold specific thought forms for many of you, such as of a once-beautiful, enlightened, joyous place that was ripped in two and sunk into the ocean, know that in actuality, they refer to a multidimensional experience within a point in time and space where you were in touch with your divinity in a conscious, joyous, and expanded way.

That is what we have been holding for you and that is what we offer you this coming Sunday on the Webinar.  We welcome you if you resonate with this invitation.  There are no woulda, shoulda, coulda’s in this.  If you resonate and attend, you are blessed.  If you do not resonate and do not attend, you are blessed.  It is merely choice.  We love and support you unconditionally.

We will say one last thing on this topic and that is if you wish to attend but the timing does not work for you, know that if you are registered, you will receive the energies whether you are listening in that moment in time.  We are all one.  We are all connected.  If you take responsibility for your aspect of this by registering, then you will receive the transmissions because nothing between Heaven and Earth can keep them from you.  But accepting responsibility is key.  At this stage of your development and of the Earth’s, there are no free rides.  There is no room for apathy.  This is the time you have waited for.  You are here, now.  Step into this now moment.  Claim your rights as part of the Divine.  Claim and acknowledge your divinity–now, today, if it is your choice.

There will be a new channeled message from us on Tuesday with more information on what has occurred in Japan and what other Earth changes are on the horizon.

We are sending this one to bed now.  Know that you are loved and supported unconditionally.

The Lemurian Council of 12”

For more information on “Awakening the Lemurian Contract” and to register, please go here:

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4 Responses to Birthing the New Human

  1. Jaime says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering; could there be any negative side effect to signing up for the Lemurian Contract webinar if you are not one of the 144? I have a calling to go (I immediately lept at the idea), yet shortly thereafter had doubts (are they fear based?). I tried the exercise you suggested (I did lean forward) yet still have a hard time believing that I am one of 144…perhaps it is the small number that is throwing me off. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks for all you do!

    • Jaime, I just want to give you a big hug! You are supposed to be on this call! It is time to accept the wonder of all that you are and stop living small. You are being asked to shine your light as you’ve never shone it before. We will work on the fears in the emails you will receive before the webinar. It’s all divinely orchestrated! Please join us. You are needed! Big hugs of love and light, Karen

  2. Sylvia Franco says:

    Hello Karen and thank you for sharing this information! I’ve been off work for four days so been enjoying my time off in the country! Although I’ve had some physical symptoms such as nausea and a cough I couldn’t shake, I’m better now. I’ve been visited several times in my property by a hawk! Working with hawk energy now! Hope you have a fabulous trip and look forward to working with you again soon!

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