Awakening the Lemurian Contract Webinar

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Awakening the Lemurian Contract

A Webinar from Kauai, Hawaii

with Karen LaRue Moye

On the Spring Equinox

Sunday, March 20th

1:00 pm HAST * 4:00 pm PDST * 7:00 pm EDST

To check the World Time Clock, click here
A limited number of phone lines will be available along with the webcast.

Cost:  $89.00

To Register:

The 90-Minute Webinar Includes:

Channeling of What the Contract Is, Why It was Made, and What the Awakening of the Contract Means for Each Participant as well as for the Planet and Humanity

Energetic Transmissions to Awaken the Lemurian Contract

Energetic Transmissions to Fully Connect each Participant with Their Unique Path of Service and Light

Energetic Transmissions to Fully Connect each Participant with the Sentience of Planet Earth

And Finally, Where Do We Go from Here?

Also Includes:

Three (3) Pre-Webinar Emails to Assist Participants in Releasing Any Blocks and Fears to Stepping Fully into their Divine Plan

One 60-Minute Q&A Webinar Session to be Scheduled Approximately Two (2) Weeks after the Webinar to Address Any Questions or Issues that may have arisen

Millenniums ago, a group of souls gathered together in a multidimensional space in what is now referred to as Lemuria and made a contract for their personal awakening as incarnate beings, for their service to the Earth, and for the awakening of planet Earth.  This contract was to be kept dormant within each one until the Earth and humanity were ready for it to awaken.  It has slept since then but now the time has come for the contract to awaken and 144 of the keepers of the contract to step forward into their light, their wholeness, and their commitment to being of service to the planet and all who dwell upon her.

This webinar is specifically for these 144 individuals.  You will know if you are one.  You will feel the resonance of this invitation touch you on a soul level.  You will feel the call to participate. You will know it is right.  Even if you have been told that you did not live during the time of Lemuria, still check with your guidance on this.  The contract was undertaken by souls in a multidimensional space–not all of the participants were incarnate at the time.  But all were working with Lemuria and the energies it represented and all have been working with the Earth from the very beginning.

If you, on a deep soul level, know that you have been working with the Earth and the many civilizations and people that have lived here on a soul level since the beginning–it is because you have been–and that is one of the reasons why many of you are currently exhausted to your very core, and/or have difficulty being in human form, and/or feel as though you have been waiting for lifetime after lifetime for something to happen.  Part of what you have been waiting for is happening on March 20, 2011 at the time of the Spring Equinox.

You have been hiding your power; you have been hiding your light; you have been hiding your mastery.  It is time to step forward and claim all that you are–starting now!  Answer the call and awaken your unique aspect of the contract, your Divine Blueprint.

But, if you no longer trust your knowing, then we will ask your guidance if this is right for you.  Stand up right now, and face toward the north with the sun rising on your right side and the sun setting on your left.  Bend your knees slightly to help you maintain your balance.  Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and center yourself. With eyes still closed, however you wish to perceive it, “see” this opportunity, this webinar, “Awakening the Lemurian Contract” before you.  Ask yourself, “Is this for my highest good?”  If your body sways forward, then your answer in Yes!  If your body sways back or away from the webinar, your answer is No!  There are only two answers–Yes or No.  There is no maybe.

More details cannot be given now because more details are not known.  Each one of us participating in this webinar will add our unique energy and part to it.  The timing of the Spring Equinox at 1:21 pm HAST/4:21 pm PDST/7:21 pm EDST will add it’s dimension and energy to it.  And, the combined energies of the beings of light that will also be participating (Archangel Michael, Sananda, Lady Nada, Kathumi, and many others) will add their unique energy and plan for webinar.

I cannot guarantee exactly what will happen during the webinar because its power and ramifications are greater than my perspective, but I feel the power and the rightness in it–as though I’ve spent this lifetime waiting in part for this moment to arrive, waiting to step fully into my Divine Blueprint and to assist you in stepping into your Divine Blueprint.

If you feel the same, then please join me.
Register today at You’ll receive your first email on Tuesday to begin working with any self-limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and fears that may arise as you move toward stepping into your wholeness in this divine and conscious way.

Sharing the Webinar: Only those who are registered and whose names are on the list of participants will receive the energy transmissions and awaken their Lemurian contract. Only those who step forward and take responsibility for being part of this awakening and pay the $89 will receive the gifts inherent in this opportunity.

If you cannot be online or on a phone line during the Webinar but you are registered, you will still receive the energy transmissions at the time of the broadcast and can then listen to the replay at your convenience.

For English as a Second Language Participants: If English is not your primary language and you are worried about understanding everything that is said during the Webinar, do not worry.  You will receive all of the energy transmissions, and if you contact me and request a written transcript of the Webinar, I will email one to you within a couple of days after the event.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.  You have never been more loved and supported in all that you are.

In love and light,
Karen LaRue Moye

“If you are experiencing any difficulty in life, on the path of awakening and transformation, and would like compassionate support, advice, healing, or empowerment from an integrated divine being who is the epitome of walking the talk, I  cannot recommend Karen enough, and I am very grateful for her help and the miracles we have and are creating in my life.” James W., Wales, United Kingdom 

Karen – I can’t thank you enough for the session. I’ve had quite a number of readings in the past, but working with you and your level of connection and clarity was priceless.  Not only was the information you pulled through spot on and completely resonant with me, it was delivered with great compassion, unconditional love and humor.  What a fabulous combination!  I look forward to booking a follow-up and wish you much joy and success as you continue this very valuable work.” Claudia B., Austin, Texas


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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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