A Clarification of Responsibility and Forgiveness

I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  As it is, so it is.

Greetings dear friends!  We are taking this time to answer a wonderful question from our dear friend, Dave, in his comment to our Human Presence.  We thank him and you for reading our words and asking questions, for we see this as a dialog between Masters and Master Teachers for each of you is a Master and Master Teacher in your own right.  You are just now beginning to remember this about yourselves.

This question from Dave concerns our most recent post entitled, “You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For.”  We will repeat his comments and question here for it has true merit:

From Dave:  This was a wonderful read. Thank you for posting this, Karen.

I do have a question about one section. You said: “We ask you to begin a practice of forgiveness. Begin by forgiving yourself and God. And then, on an energetic level, ask for forgiveness from every person you have perceived as harming you or wishing to harm you. Yes, that is what we said. Ask their forgiveness because you are taking full responsibility for their actions.”

I can see that on an energetic level, others who would harm us are part of our experience in this lifetime, and we have created that. We own that. We asked for it in this lifetime, and every lifetime. Taking responsibility for that, for others wishing to harm us…sounds difficult but wise.

But I have to wonder about “taking full responsibility for their actions.” Does not any of another’s actions towards us belong to the responsibility of that individual? For me, taking ~full~ responsibility for their actions leaves nothing for them to take R~ for, which, looking at where we are wisely to be OWNING R~, verily belongs to THEIR actions.

I feel that I can take a certain degree of R~ for another’s actions towards me, but not fully. To do so would be robbery, no? Both sides own it, and each needs to acknowledge that, and thus, take R~.

I would love to hear more about that…thank you.

[From Karen:  As I am typing this, the time on my computer is 12:12.  A gateway is open.  Are we ready to pass through it?  I AM.  How about you?  Big hugs of light and love to each of you]

Dear friends, it is so important that we have been asked to clarify this at this time.  Our Human Presence is correct, a gateway has opened but do not worry that it will close if you read this posting hours, days, or weeks after its writing.  The gateway is here for all of humanity as well as many who dwell in other dimensional spaces and on other planetary sentiences besides your Mother Earth throughout time and space.

The New Gateway of Responsibility

An energetic Gateway of Responsibility has opened that will give the energetic support for the taking of responsibility in one’s life.  This energy is in support of the Master that each of you is in this moment of time as well as all others.  It supports your becoming aware of your wholeness, your mastery, your awakened state—that which you are and always have been underneath your masks, your blinders, your amnesia.  Hear us when we say that you have more support of who you truly are than at any other time in the long, long, long history of the human experience.

When we stated “you are taking full responsibility for their actions,” we could have been more specific, but if we had, Dave would not have come forward, and we would not have had such a beautiful opening to tell you of the opening of this particular Gateway.  We delight in how each of you interacts with us on so many levels.

You are taking full responsibility for their actions as it impacts you and your life.We do not mean to say that they are not also responsible for their actions as it impacts their life and your life for if each individual is taking responsibility for their own life then there is no one who is not.  Do you see?  It can look like a bit of an energetic/philosophical conundrum, so we will give examples while knowing and understanding that each one reading these words will understand them or be confused by them as is most appropriate for each in this moment in time.  Many ideas and vibrations are being transmitted simultaneously within these words.

A Soul-Level Meeting of the Board

As many of you already understand, before you came into this physical incarnation, your soul called a great board meeting of all the many souls who wished to play a part in your next foray into physical existence.  All of these great beings of light came to the “meeting” because of the wonderful, unconditional love that they shared with you.  They came to offer their assistance to you so that you could learn the soul lessons and complete the soul contracts you wished to experience for your highest good and for the highest good of all.

At this “meeting of the board” which you chaired, you gave an outline of your intentions with suggestions for how others could interact and help and also to ask for suggestions.  Realize that this was not a cut and dried, one-dimensional outline for many things had to be taken into consideration for it was not just your life that would be impacted.  Each of the other souls who would play vital roles in your life also had their own soul lessons and contracts for their lifetime.

An Example of the Web of Responsibility

To explain the complexity of the situation, we will take the hypothetical example of the beautiful, loving soul who volunteered to be “your” biological father in this lifetime.  He agreed to abandon you when you were 3 years old which set off a pattern of abandonment and distrust of men and the masculine (even if you were also male) in your life and the feeling of being intrinsically unlovable.  This great gift served you in helping you to work on your life lessons of trust and believing in your own self-worth.

From your biological father’s perspective, he was able to experience his issues of fear of responsibility, lack of self-confidence, and his lack of self-love.  Your mother was able to reinforce her self-fulfilling beliefs of “men always leave,” “I can’t depend on anyone except myself,” and “I have to be strong even if it kills me” with the actions of your father.  Then there were the impacts in the lives of his parents, your mother’s parents, your siblings, and countless others including the men (or women) in your life from your first boyfriend (or girlfriend) to your latest partner who have had “to pay” for your father leaving you when you were three.

Do you begin to see how extensive the web of each life is?  If we were to draw a Venn diagram of this, it would soon be completely filled in due to all the many lives that are touched by the actions of just one individual in your life.

When we ask you to take full responsibility for their actions, we ask that you do just that.  You asked them to play this part in your life, and from our perspective, true healing comes in all its many levels and dimensions when you take that full responsibility.  Please know though that this does not “let them off the hook” for their actions.  If, by some chance, your biological father also read our previous blog where we suggested he take full responsibility for everything that had happened to him in his life, then he would have to take responsibility for asking for forgiveness from you and your mother even though he had told her he wasn’t ready for children and asked her to stay on the birth control pill; even though he felt in over his head with a new job and a family and had no idea how to be the husband and father he was expected to be.  His father had been an alcoholic who was never there for him because his father had always been drunk.  As a baby and toddler, he felt that every time you looked at him you expected more from him than he could give.  If only you had waited to be born . . . he wouldn’t have had to leave.

Of course, your biological father probably will not read these postings and may never take responsibility for his actions and ask for your forgiveness—energetically or otherwise.  And that will be perfect for him.  That is between him and his soul’s path in this lifetime.

Whether he takes responsibility for his life and his actions is not your concern.  We realize there is a part of each of you that feels that if only the perpetrators of pain and suffering in your lives could feel as badly about what they have done to you as you feel, then your healing could truly begin.  You could receive some small satisfaction in their suffering.  In truth, healing can only come from you for you.  Healing for another can only come from them for them.

You are Only Responsible for You

Ultimately, you are responsible only for you.  But as you take full responsibility for yourself, the template of responsibility that you generate is broadcast energetically out into the world for all to see if and when they are ready to “see” that template, which then will awaken their own template of responsibility and healing, which will then be broadcast and awaken another, and then another, and so on.

We are making the suggestion to each of you that in fully taking responsibility for everything that has happened to you and by you in your life and then asking forgiveness, then you can truly cleanse past hurts and wounds, release unwanted masks and identities, and begin to move forward as the true Master that you are.

I Love You; I AM Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You.

The practice of ho’oponopono transverses time and space and helps to heal every aspect that no longer serves you.  It is powerful medicine if you allow it to work in your life.  There are other tools we will share with you at other times, but if this prayer resonates with you, it is a wonderful place to begin.

You are loved and supported unconditionally and we are enjoying this ongoing dialogue with you.

I AM My Greater Presence

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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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2 Responses to A Clarification of Responsibility and Forgiveness

  1. Nick says:

    Thank you so much for this post and the other i found on lightworkers about asking Truth the answer to questions. i have for so long wanted a method that aloows me to distinguish my feelings and another as well as answer questions about what the Truth for me is. it brought me tears of joy thank you!

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