You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For

I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  As it is; so it is.

Greetings dear friends!  It is with much joy we share with you at this time.  Many ideas and energies have been percolating within our Human Presence for the past days, readying her for the information she is to transcribe for us in this way.  She knows the truth of them within her yet feels more comfortable in this transmittal process when she is given a taste of what is to come.  She is, of course, “in” on the information from its inception for we are she and she is we and all are one, but there is still a bit of doubt that resides within her personality, so we allow her the time to wrap herself around the concepts before we present them.

You have spent Your Life waiting

Now we are all come together as if in a room, a dimensional space where all who read these words no matter the country or the date of the reading are all together in this moment in time to feel the vibration of a truth, a vibration that you have each waited for millennia to embrace once more. You are the One you have been waiting for. Yes, we realize you have heard these words before but have you heard these words in truth?

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Many of you felt you were waiting for the Second Coming of the Christ.  Others felt you were waiting for the personification of peace in the world.  Still others of you have been waiting and waiting for the promised New Earth, a New World of peace, love, harmony, and equality.  Whatever you have been waiting for, it has a personification that is outside of yourself; it is something or someone “out there.”  And here we are sharing with you that it is in essence you; you are the One you have been waiting for.

To many of you, these words make no sense.  You ask yourself, “How can I be the one I have been waiting for?  Look at my health!  Look at my life!  Look at my relationships!  Look at the balance of my bank account!  I am not a Master!  I prove every day that I don’t have a handle on my life.  I think you have me mixed up with someone else!”

Your Ego’s Greatest Fear

Do you remember hearing the phrase that you are “the Master of your Destiny?”  Do you remember how you wished it was true but you felt it wasn’t?  That there is always someone else pulling the strings and pushing your life first this way and then that way, out of your control?

Your ego, your personality aspects wish to be master of your life and thus seek to control every part of your life as a way of proving that mastery.  It will hold on to relationships that no longer serve you, and to jobs that no longer bring you joy.  Your ego seeks to keep you in a place of fear and disempowerment because if the truth of your being is truly known and experienced by you, it feels you will no longer need it and it will die an untimely death.  So your ego holds on for dear life.

Your Ego vs. Your Awakened State

For many of you, do you not believe deep within yourselves that when you truly awaken, when you become an Enlightened Being that your ego, your personality will dissolve?  Many of you have a vision of being a beautiful, calm, and loving person without excesses of emotion, without the quirks of personality, a quietly joyous “enlightened” being who goes about their day spreading light and wisdom in a detached, loving way.  If you are truthful with yourself, is this not very close to how you believe an awakened, enlightened being is?

The irony of this picture for many of you is that on the one hand, you long for peace and joy in your lives and wish for such an existence as the one mentioned; while on the other hand, a part of you is worried that living as such a person will be too monochromatic or one-dimensional.  Where is the excitement?  Where is the adventure?  Where is the fun?  But “fun” and “enlightenment” do not seem to go hand in hand.  And so the ego lives in fear.  The ego fears that which you desire more than the next breath you take—your awakened state.

And because your ego lives in fear, it seeks to control your awakening.  Your ego finds ways of increasing resistance within you to your own light and your power.  It finds ways of reminding you of past lives of persecution and death when you showed your light and the gifts of your being.  It reminds you of the pain and loneliness of being perceived as different and of not fitting in.  It reminds you of the heart-breaking memories of not being seen and heard as the truth that you are.  And when, even with all of these reminders that are meant to keep you stuck and your ego safe, you still move toward your own light, toward your own awakening and enlightenment, your ego seeks to control even more by manifesting illness and dis-ease in your physical body and pain, suffering, and confusion in your life.

Remember:  You are a creator god.  There is nothing that you can imagine that you cannot create.  So when you look around you at your life and your health and your relationships in this moment in time, know that all you see and experience has been created by you for you.  This creation has served your ego by insuring that it will live to a ripe old age.

The Masks to Your True Personality

The crux of the matter, though, is this:  Your ego never dies.  Your personality never disappears.  You are who you are from the day of your inception until you release this present body and pass through the veil once more.  This does not mean that you are sentenced to a life of anger, rage, frustration, depression, joylessness, meanness, triteness, selfishness, criticalness, impatience, and whatever so-called negative personality traits you currently possess.  They are not your true ego and personality.  They are the masks of adaptation created from the wounds you have received throughout your life.  They are masks; they are assumed identities; they are not who you truly are.

In your truth, in your wholeness, in the true mastery and uniqueness of all that you are, these false identities play no part.  They are not you.  They are aspects you have taken on in order to live in a world where you have compromised and compromised and compromised your true essence until you are more in touch with the mask than with the truth of who you really are.

There is no blame and no criticism from us where this is concerned–just the opposite in fact.  We applaud you in doing what you needed to do in order to survive.  We applaud the courage that was required of each of you as children to take on the masks and the blinders that hid your light in a world that was not yet ready to see your magnificence.  We lovingly support all of the decisions you made consciously and unconsciously to shut down and to survive.

This is the Year to Reclaim Your Power

We applaud you for your soul courage in agreeing to incarnate on this planet in physical form at a time and in circumstances when it would be impossible for you to maintain your truth and your wholeness and to shine the brilliance of your light, power, and authority.  You have spent a lifetime denying, ignoring, and giving to others your personal power and mastery.  You have given your power to your religion, to your governments, to authority figures, to parents, to spouses, to gurus, or to masters.  You have seen the light of power and authority in everyone else except you.

We are here today to remind you of this truth:  This is the year to reclaim your power.  This is the time to embrace and live your mastery.  This is the moment to acknowledge your uniqueness and know without a shadow of a doubt that

You are the one you have been waiting for.

It is time for you to step into your own magnificence and once more to claim your personal power.  You are powerful beyond measure.  You know within you that this is truer than any other words you have ever read.  Your greatest fear is that you are more powerful than you know.  For it has been your experience in this lifetime as well as in many, many other lifetimes that great power equates to great destruction.  We will not deny that you have had these experiences in the past.  We will not deny that with the power to create worlds comes the power to destroy worlds.  We realize that this is your greatest of all fears—that you will misuse this immense power that you are.

This is a fear that has kept you imprisoned.  This is a fear that has kept you hiding your light and power for centuries.  This is a fear that has no basis in fact in this moment in time.  It is a control mechanism that is no longer needed.

It is now time to begin to step into your unique, personal power.  For it is only through each human being stepping into their own mastery that all will be awakened and enlightened.  And as with the hundredth monkey or the 4-minute mile, there is a certain small percentage of the 6.8 billion humans on this planet who will first take back their power and enter into their awakened state—complete with all their unique qualities and quirks—which will spur a wave of light that will flow over the face of this planet and change it forever.

You, as you have from the beginning, are part of the vanguard of this wave.  As you accept your light and mastery, you embody the template for all the others who will come after you.  As you release the fears and self-limiting beliefs from your mental, emotional, and physical bodies, you create room for the truth that you are to blossom and be born in all its wholeness for the first time on planet Earth.  This is not a re-birthing.  This is a birthing of all that you are while in physical form.

So where do you begin?  We suggest you begin with two things—responsibility and forgiveness.

Accept Full Responsibility for Your Life

From our perspective, responsibility is the act of being accountable for everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime or any other.  You are not a victim and you have never been a victim.  No person can harm another person without the soul permission of each individual.  Everything you have experienced in your life has been orchestrated by you for you on many different levels in order to bring you to this point, to where you are right now as you are reading this transmission.

You are here because you got yourself here.  It may not have been pretty; it may not have been fun; we are sure that there was much suffering and pain along the way, but you got here.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done and take responsibility for the genius that you are on so many levels, because you made it possible for you to experience the perfect storm of events, relationships, and wounds to learn the lessons you have learned and needed to learn.  Take full responsibility so that you can be done once and for all with the energies of victimhood, pain, and suffering.

And how do you take full responsibility?  Through forgiveness.

Practice True Forgiveness

We ask you to begin a practice of forgiveness.  Begin by forgiving yourself and God.  And then, on an energetic level, ask for forgiveness from every person you have perceived as harming you or wishing to harm you.  Yes, that is what we said.  Ask their forgiveness because you are taking full responsibility for their actions.  Ask them to forgive you.  Then sit back and watch how your life changes and how free you begin to feel.  Watch as miracles take place in your life.  Be aware that we are not asking you to call up each person who has hurt you and ask for their forgiveness.  We are asking you to make this an energetic, daily practice.

One tool we suggest you use for this profound process of responsibility and forgiveness is through the ancient Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono.  It is a simple, yet complicated and far-reaching process and one that works in many dimensions of time and space simultaneously.  Here is ho’oponopono:

I Love You; I Am Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You.

You may be familiar with the prayer in a different order or slightly different wording and we say it is not important.  Say the phrases in the way that resonates most strongly with you.  The healing is there no matter the wording or the order.  It is a powerful healing force.

Say it in mediation, or say it as a chant, or sing it, or dance it, or drum to it.  Find your unique expression of it and use it on a daily basis.  Take full responsibility for your life.  Practice forgiveness.  And watch the miracles occur.

It is with great love, appreciation, and support for you that we close for this time

I Am My Greater Presence.

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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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3 Responses to You Are the One You Have Been Waiting For

  1. Dave Mitchell says:

    This was a wonderful read. Thank you for posting this, Karen.

    I do have a question about one section. You said: “We ask you to begin a practice of forgiveness. Begin by forgiving yourself and God. And then, on an energetic level, ask for forgiveness from every person you have perceived as harming you or wishing to harm you. Yes, that is what we said. Ask their forgiveness because you are taking full responsibility for their actions.”

    I can see that on an energetic level, others who would harm us are part of our experience in this lifetime, and we have created that. We own that. We asked for it in this lifetime, and every lifetime. Taking responsibility for that, for others wishing to harm us…sounds difficult but wise.

    But I have to wonder about “taking full responsibility for their actions”. Does not any of another’s actions towards us belong to the responsibility of that individual? For me, taking ~full~ responsibility for their actions leaves nothing for them to take R~ for, which, looking at where we are wisely to be OWNING R~, verily belongs to THEIR actions.

    I feel that I can take a certain degree of R~ for another’s actions towards me, but not fully. To do so would be robbery, no? Both sides own it, and each needs to acknowledge that, and thus, take R~.

    I would love to hear more about that…thank you.


  2. Laura Lacy says:

    Karen this is just what I needed when I needed it. I feel like I am awakening
    from a long dream and am ready to move forward to bring light into the world
    and this blog is just more wonderful confirmation of the messages that a lot of
    are getting that it is time to OWN OUR OWN POWER, to take repsonsibility
    for our action and to forgive ourselves as well as others.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you are doing to help so many.

    Hugs of love and light,
    Laura Lacy

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