Stop. Breathe. Ground. Revisiting the Basics

I invoke the I AM.  I invoke My Greater Presence.  I invoke the highest good for planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.  So be it and so it is.

Greetings dear friends!  It is our great joy to share with you on this beautiful day.  We have asked our Human Presence to bring forth a blog post we helped her to create a couple of months ago for another blog because this is the time to revisit helpful tools and information.  This is the perfect time for each of you to revisit tools that have helped you in the past to stay centered and balanced in your lives.

An Age-Old Metaphor

As you are already aware, there is much that is being “kicked up” in your personal lives as well as in the life of the mass consciousness and the physical and sentient aspects of the Earth.  If we were to give a visual metaphor for the energies as we see them at this time, then it would be of the three Fates from your mythology, stirring a huge kettle.  There are so many energies that are being “stirred up.”  There are so many ingredients—higher vibrating energies, increased discomfort with old energies that no longer serve, fear, anxiety, hope, and joy—that are being added to the whole of conscious creation.  As these ingredients are added, the “soup” changes form and function, and you as an infinite being having a physical experience on the Earth are feeling as though you are being pushed and pulled to and fro as you are stirred in with all of the other ingredients.

Does this make sense to you?  Can you relate to our metaphor?  Do you see that it explains why many times you feel yourself dizzy and/or headachy for no apparent reason?  You are part of an energetic soup of possibilities and probabilities for the coming age.

The Importance of Energy Tools in these Changing Times

It will be easy during this intense and sometimes trying time to lose sight of yourself, your goals and intentions, your health, your relationships, and your path on the planet.  It will be easy to lose your centeredness and balance.  That is why tried-and-true tools will be so important.  That is why you will be reminded to eat well, drink lots of water, and take time-out for yourself.  You know these things.  You’ve heard them time and again, but dear friends, our question to you is, “Are you doing them?”  You are being reminded so that they will once more come into your conscious awareness, and you will begin to use these tools to assist you in moving forward through the “soup” in a way that serves all of who you are and all of you that you are birthing upon the planet at this time.

So when you begin to lose patience with us and say, “But My Greater Presence, I know all that already!”  We do not doubt you for a moment.  We just ask you to ask yourself, “I know this information so well but am I actually using this information and these tools to help improve my life?”

We promise there will be much new information for you in these posts.  We also promise that we will remind you of many things as well.  In truth, you already “know” everything that we will ever say in these posts; we are just helping you to remember All That You Are.

Since you are at the beginning of a New Year and a New World and many of you have or will make new resolutions and plans for change in your life, we feel this is the perfect time to resubmit the following information from Karen, our Human Presence.

You are loved and supported beyond your comprehension.  Relax into that knowingness and be.

I AM My Greater Presence

Stop.  Breathe.  Ground.

From Karen LaRue Moye: Have you ever noticed how as soon as you make a goal or decide to change something in your life, everything seems to rise up within you and your life in order to keep you from achieving that goal or change?  I know you know what I’m talking about.  I’m sure the same thing happens in your life.  You set a goal or you decide to make a major change in your life, and then all of a sudden, doubts, invalid beliefs, and old patterns creep up within you, and every time-consuming event known to human beings invades your life.  If you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, been there, done that,” then this post is for you.

First, I want to take some of the energy out of your probable response of wanting to beat yourself up about this as you bang your head against the wall wondering why you can’t ever seem to achieve your goals.  I’m here to tell you to stop the head-banging.  Stop the tendency to beat yourself up or to focus on all the ways you don’t do it right or that you don’t follow through on your dreams and goals.  Give yourself a break, because you can’t help it.  That’s right.  As human beings, we are programmed for self-sabotage.  Ninety-six percent of our brain power is in our subconscious which leaves us with only 4% for our conscious mind, our will, and our desire to create change in our lives.

It’s a proven fact that every time you make a goal or a plan to change something in your life, every belief, concept, thought, and pattern you hold in your subconscious that does not believe you can achieve your goal or the change you seek raises its petty head.  Beliefs you didn’t even know you had rise up front and center to stand between you and your goal.  And since your subconscious mind is so strong that it can process beliefs and thoughts hundreds of thousands of times faster than your conscious mind, your conscious mind and your will barely stand a chance.

Does this mean you should give up?  Stop making goals for yourself?  Just simply limp along with the status quo of your life?  Heck no!  Absolutely not.  We are infinite beings of Spirit, Love, and Grace who have taken on human form in order to grow, learn, and experience this game called Life on Earth.  Every one of us has aspects of invalid beliefs, thoughts, and patterns that are contrary to our goals and dreams, but we also have the ability to effect lasting change in ourselves and in our lives.

So what do you do when you’ve made a goal for yourself or you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of life, and you are suddenly under siege by people and events in your life as well as doubts, fears, and false beliefs?  You Stop.  Breathe.  Ground.

Stop.  For a few moments; stop whatever you are doing and find some place where you will be undisturbed for a few minutes and will be comfortable.  Please note:  This is not the time to be operating heavy machinery!

Breathe.   It is time to focus on you and your breath.  So many times, when we get busy with our lives, with our days, we forget to breathe.  We hold our breath until our bodies make us breathe.  For the next few minutes, I want your breathing to be totally conscious.

Take a deep in-breath in through your nose; fill your lungs and hold it briefly.  Now, exhale through your mouth, completely releasing all of the air from your lungs.  Continue to breathe in this conscious way:  In through your nose, out through your mouth.

Ground. Allow any thoughts that may come to you to be released on your out-breath.  Focus on your breathing and on your body.  Feel your breath fill your lungs, your body, and your field on your in-breath.  Feel your lungs release the air on your out-breath.  Allow the air to totally fill your body.  Feel how solid your body is becoming.  Feel the chair or seat beneath you.  Feel your arms and hands, your torso, your legs and your feet.  Feel your feet firmly on the floor, on the ground.  Come completely into your body as you focus on your breathing.

Know you are safe.  Sense the connectedness you have with your body.  If old feelings of distrust of your physical body come up, allow yourself to release these feelings and thoughts on your out-breath.  It is safe now to come fully into your body.  Your body is your friend.  Reintroduce yourself.  Concentrate on your breathing.  Concentrate on your body.

Now, on your next in-breath, see, feel, sense, know (however it works for you) that your breath is filling your body and your field and mixing with the subtle energies that are unique to you, and then as you release the breath, focus the energy down through your body, your legs, and out your feet to the Earth.  On each out-breath, you will be focusing it out through your body and into the Earth.  Ground your energy into the Mother.  Fully be here now in this moment.

Allow the energy of the Earth to mix with your subtle energy.  As you take your next in breath, see, feel, sense, the mixed energy of Mother Earth and you being pulled back up through your feet, into your legs, into your body, up into your head, and out the top of your head, your crown, and allow this energy to flow through your crown to your higher aspects and to the Divine.  As your Mother Earth/You energy mixes with that of the Divine, on your next in-breath, pull this beautiful new energy of light and love back through your crown and into your body.  Then breathe it back through your body and into Mother Earth.  As above, so below.

Keep this cycle of energy going–through your body into the Earth and then from the Earth through your body to the Divine.  Experience how refreshed, grounded, and solid you now feel.  From this place, you can make any challenge into an opportunity and bring more positive people and events to your experience during your day.  This is you.  This is your energy.  Enjoy it.

Until next time, breathe deep and ground.

In love and light,


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About My Greater Presence

I am an Empowerment Facilitator and Reader and Energy Integration Facilitator. One of my unique gifts is the ability to hear what your divinity wishes for you to know and understand and mirror that wisdom to you until you are ready to do so for yourself.
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